Duplicate Logos Using Tile Array in Leonardo™ Pro

If you run a decorating business, chances are you’ve been asked to put a client’s logo onto a shirt, hat, or other substrate using heat transfer vinyl. These clients usually aren’t looking for just a single piece either; they want a whole batch of garments sporting their logo! You *could* duplicate their logo manually… or you could be using the Tile Array tool in Leonardo™ Design Studio Pro to do it instantly!

Read on to see how you can save time and crank out duplicate designs using this new feature!

Preparing a Design for the Tile Array Tool

I need to create a batch of shirts for a high school cheer team that require left-chest logos. Our graphic designer, Tina, whipped up a fun little graphic that’s perfect for this! Before bringing the design in, I’ll want to make sure my artboard matches the size of my sheet of HTV. In this case, I’m using a 12”x12” sheet of EasyWeed®.

Setting the artboard size in Leonardo™ Pro.

With my artboard set to the correct size, I can now use the Import command to bring in my design as a “Cut Only” file.

I’m almost ready to start duplicating— but first I need to make sure my artwork is sized appropriately for a left-chest logo. The ideal size for left-chest logos (generally speaking) is about 3 inches by 3 inches. Fortunately, it looks like Tina has already pre-sized this design, so I’m ready to go!

Duplicate Logos Using Tile Array

With my design selected, I can hover over the Scale tool down in the toolbar to bring up some extra options. The grid icon to the right is the Tile Array tool I’m looking for. Clicking this brings up a new window.

Selecting the Tile Array tool from the toolbar.

In this new window, I can easily change both the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) number of copies. I can even choose how much of a gap I want between each one!

Changing the quantity of copies in Leonardo™ Pro.

This is super useful for quickly creating duplicates of my design, arranged into a neat grid. But… it gets even easier!

Below the spacing adjustment fields is an option called Auto Fit. A simple click of this button will automatically duplicate my design the maximum number of times that can fit on my artboard! No guessing or fiddling around required. How’s that for quick?

Using the Auto Fit option to duplicate design in the Tile Array tool.

There’s also a checkbox that says “Include grid lines between copies”. Selecting this option will automatically add a box around each copy of the design. Not only does this help separate the designs from each other, but it makes the weeding process easier, too!

Once I’m satisfied with the number of duplicates, I can click Apply to make these copies a reality!

Wrapping Up the Tile Array

With my design now duplicated, I’m ready to cut! Clicking Send to Cutter will show all my copies in wireframe view. Because this is an HTV project, I’ll want to make sure the Mirror box is checked. Now I’m ready to send this project off to my cutter!

Cheer shirts being decorated with logos using the Tile Array tool.

Romeo® and Juliet® are already super quick cutters that help speed up your workflow. With the Tile Array tool, taking on high-volume projects becomes even faster! Check out our video below to see just how quickly Tile Array works: