Easy Puff Metallic

Easy® Puff Metallic - Heat Transfer Vinyl

Puff and shine that looks divine!

Featuring the same fun puffy effect as our standard Easy Puff, Easy Puff Metallic adds a new twist: a brilliant shiny finish! After heat applying, simply peel the carrier hot and heat press a second time to activate the puff. Designs will not only expand into 3D, but they'll also give off a beautiful gold or silver sheen! Perfect for big and bold artwork, Easy Puff Metallic has a unique look unlike anything you've seen before!

Easy Puff Metallic is 180 Microns / 7.09 Mils and is a Polyester composition.

Easy Puff Metallic Shirt Design
        Easy® Puff Metallic Silver   Easy® Puff Metallic Gold        

Easy Puff Metallic Applies to:



Cotton / Poly Blends

Technical Information