EasyColor DTV

EasyColor - Direct to Vinyl

Full-Color is now available to everyone!

Siser’s latest innovation, EasyColor™ DTV™, is your printer’s new best friend! Designed to be compatible with desktop inkjet printers, EasyColor DTV  by Siser®  provides excellent print quality with vibrant colors and a matte finish. Because EasyColor is only slightly thicker than EasyWeed®, it's lightweight enough for polyester applications, yet opaque enough for true color quality on both dark and light fabrics. With amazing stretch and rebound, you’ll love the look and feel of EasyColor on almost any garment! From family photo keepsakes to custom patterns and colors- you can make it all with EasyColor! Simply print, cut, mask, and heat to make full-color creations that last through multiple washings with your desktop inkjet printer!

EasyColor is 100 Microns / 3.94 Mils and is a PU composition.

EasyColor Features

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Cotton / Poly Blends


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