EasyPatterns Plus Glow material shown glowing in the dark on a shirt

EasyPatterns® Plus Glow  |  Heat Transfer Vinyl™

Pre-masked patterns that glow in the dark

EasyPatterns® Plus Glow are the best way to light up the night with fun and unique patterns! Featuring the same benefits as EasyPatterns Plus, these patterns are pre-printed and pre-masked for an easy application process. During the daytime, the pre-printed designs will "charge" from sunlight. Then when the lights go out, watch in awe as your patterns glow in the dark! Whether you're decorating a costume or just want to stand out at night, EasyPatterns Plus Glow is ready to make your outfit radiant!

EasyPatterns Plus Glow is 90 Microns / 3.5 Mils and is a PU composition.

CPSIA Certified

Laser Friendly Iron On   

EasyPatterns Plus Glow Shirt Design

Available Patterns

     EasyPatterns Plus Lightning EasyPatterns Plus Spider Webs EasyPatterns Plus Starry Night    
Spider Webs
Starry Night

EasyPatterns Plus Glow Applies to:



Cotton / Poly Blends


Technical Information

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