EasyPSV Brushed material globe design applied to the back of a laptop

EasyPSV® Brushed – Permanent Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

The Most Metal Vinyl of Them All!

EasyPSV® Brushed is the best way to add a sleek sheen to everyday objects! Mimicking a brushed metal surface, this vinyl has a shiny finish that’s perfect for a variety of designs ranging from classy to cool! EasyPSV Brushed is just reflective enough to make your artwork stand out without being overly flashy. EasyPSV Brushed can be applied onto a variety of different surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, metal, and more for both indoor and outdoor applications! Thanks to a permanent adhesive, EasyPSV Brushed will give your objects that metallic look for years to come.

Available Colors

EasyPSV Brushed Silver EasyPSV Brushed Gold

EasyPSV Brushed Applies to:

Glass / Mirror





Technical Information

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