How to Apply EasyPSV® Using the Hinge Method

Sometimes having two arms just isn’t enough! When I’m using Siser® EasyPSV® to put a graphic on my bedroom wall, sometimes there isn’t anybody around to help me hold it up to make sure it’s straight and level.  This could turn into one crooked, bubble-ridden disaster- especially for larger graphics! Since we can’t magically sprout a new appendage, I’m going to show you a simple trick that’s basically like adding a third arm (or 4th arm depending on how large your decal is) because there’s nothing worse than spending all that time creating the perfect decor only to end up with a ruined design and an embarrassed ego. Save yourself the heartache with the Hinge Method!

To make this little magic trick work all you need, in addition to your EasyPSV and EasyPSV Application Tape, is a roll of 1” painter’s tape. I like to use the blue kind!

Get your vinyl cutter ready by putting the EasyPSV color-side-up on the cutting mat (do not mirror your design.) Once it’s done cutting, you can weed out the cavities and excess vinyl.  I’m using EasyPSV Removable since it’s going on drywall and I would like to remove it within the next year or so.

Weeding excess Removable EasyPSV Chocolate Bar

EasyPSV Removable comes in rich matte colors like Chocolate Bar!

Once you’re done weeding, remove the liner from the EasyPSV Application Tape and carefully adhere it to your PSV.

Lay EasyPSV Application Tape on top of your EasyPSV design.

Laying the tape in the center and working towards the edges helps keep the decal straight on the grid lines.

Then smooth over the tape & EasyPSV with a squeegee to make sure they’re bonded to each other.

Use a squeegee to bond EasyPSV Application Tape to your EasyPSV design.

Now get your painter’s tape and tear off a piece that is a few inches wider than your design. Adhere the painter’s tape down the middle of your graphic. This is your extra “arm” that will hold the EasyPSV on the wall and act as a “hinge.” That’s why we refer to this application style as the hinge method!

Painter's tape on the decal's center is the trick to the hinge method

Using the hinge method lets you place EasyPSV and readjust if necessary.

Now you can take a step back and make sure the decal is in the right spot. You can also use a level to make sure the graphics are straight. Sometimes I use the level app on my iPhone since I don’t have an actual level tool.

Once it’s in the perfect spot, you can lift the Application Tape with EasyPSV attached, then remove half of the EasyPSV liner (cut if off with scissors) while the painter’s tape is securing the graphic to the wall.

Cut off half of the Removable EasyPSV liner

The hinge method allows you to focus on applying half of the decal at a time for easy alignment and less bubbles!

Use a squeegee to apply pressure on top of the tape, adhering your design to the drywall. Start in the middle and work your way out. Next, remove the other half of the EasyPSV liner. Apply pressure over the rest of your design using a squeegee, again starting in the middle and working your way out.

*cue drumroll*

And now you can remove the EasyPSV Application Tape!

Remove Application Tape from EasyPSV.

So satisfying :)

Troubleshooting Tip:  If you are having a difficult time removing EasyPSV Application Tape, use harder pressure with your squeegee to make sure the PSV is completely bonded to the surface. If that doesn’t work (heavier-textured drywall can be especially fussy) leave the Application Tape on for roughly 20-60 minutes before removing.  The EasyPSV adhesive tack will increase over time allowing it to stay put while you peel away the tape.

finished EasyPSV removable wall graphic decoration

The hinge method can be used on pretty much any surface, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just drywall.  I use this same technique for large and small designs on wood signs, glass decorations, photo frames- you name it! You’ll definitely want to remember this trick for future projects. Pin the image below to Pinterest so you’ll have it handy!

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