DIY Memorial Day Raglan T-shirt

You’ve heard it at every major sporting event, those final epic lines belted out, “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” If you’re free, you most likely know a brave individual who fought to keep you that way. Remember to thank them this Memorial Day, or better yet, let your t-shirt speak for you!

Memorial Day cut file in Silhouette Studio

Since this cut file was originally created in Sure Cuts A Lot, I can save it as a compatible file for all craft cutters.

After you save the cut file, open it in your editing software. HTV cut files must be mirrored before cutting. You can do this by selecting text> right click> flip horizontally. Then separate and group the pieces by color to make the most of your material.

mirror image and group colors for cutting

Don’t these EasyWeed Electric colors remind you of vibrant fireworks? Place the bright side face down, so the dull side is exposed for cutting. To determine your best cut settings on the Silhouette Cameo, check out this post.

Place HTV with the shiny, carrier side face down on the mat

Placing EasyWeed Electric red and blue face down on the cutting mat.

After the cutter is finished, unload the mat and weed away the extra HTV using your Siser Weeder.

Weeding red EasyWeed Electric heat transfer vinyl

After weeding, your HTV should look like your cut file, and it’s ready to be ironed on. Prep the garment for HTV by ironing away any wrinkles. Then fold the shirt in half and iron along the crease to mark the center.

fold and iron crease to create a center line on the garment

pre iron garment to prepare for HTV










Crease your HTV by folding the carrier in half (shiny sides touching, NOT sticky!) Line up the creases and you have a perfectly centered design! I can apply 2 colors in 1 press because I cut the carrier sheets close enough that no HTV overlaps.

fold and crease carrier sheets and align them with shirt crease

Cover the area with parchment paper or a heat transfer cover sheet before pressing down firmly with your iron. The best way to iron HTV is in sections without sliding. Lift and press the iron to mimic a heat press until the whole design has had 15-20 seconds of heat.

iron on vinyl for 15 to 20 seconds with firm pressure

Most HTV can be applied with the Cotton setting on your iron.

Remove the carriers immediately after applying. If any heat transfer vinyl lifts with the carrier, put the carrier back down, and apply heat for another 5 seconds.


Peel the clear carrier after ironing

Finish off this patriotic t-shirt with some silver Glitter stars. I also added an extra Electric blue stripe since I accidentally put the original above BRAVE instead of under it. I actually think I like the way the design turned out more than the way I planned it in Silhouette Studio. To iron on the final pieces, simply repeat the ironing steps from the first application.

Iron on silver Glitter stars and EasyWeed Electric HTV

Now you’ve got the perfect patriotic top for Memorial Day. Of course you can bring it back out for the Fourth of July too! I personally think summer is the perfect season to rock your red, white, and blue. So if you ask me, you could get away with this top any day of the week!

EasyWeed Electric and Glitter come together for this DIY Memorial Day raglan top

If you liked this tutorial and want to save the free cut file, pin the image below!

Grab the free cut file to show off your red, white and blue. Crafting a Memorial Day t-shirt is quick and easy with Siser heat transfer vinyl, home iron. and your craft cutter!

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