Make Your Own Pocket Pet with EasyWeed Scraps

If you like to craft you probably already have a stash of EasyWeed scraps from previous projects just begging to be used. It’s easy to let those scraps stack up (Check out our Pinterest board Storing and Organizing HTV if your stash is overflowing!) The issue usually lies in finding the right project to bust your EasyWeed scrap stash. Joe used EasyWeed Scraps in his previous blog post: Use EasyWeed Scraps for a Sweet Design. In this post, however, I’ll show you how to use EasyWeed Scraps to create a little pet for your t-shirt pocket.

This fox was made in Adobe Illustrator and then image traced into Silhouette Studio. I made a faux pocket square with the same dimensions as my t-shirt pocket so I could size everything correctly.

Pocket fox in Silhouette Studio

While my design may look complete here, there are a few things to do before sending it to the cutter. Always mirror your image before cutting heat transfer vinyl. To load the vinyl into a Silhouette or Cricut use the cutting mat and place the glossy side (carrier side) face down. Load the cut mat into the machine, and now you’re ready to send the design.

Silhouette Cameo cut settings for EasyWeed= Blade: 2, Speed: 5, Thickness: 5.

The Siser Weeder is an invaluable tool especially when it comes to weeding small scrap pieces and intricate designs.

Weeding EasyWeed Scraps

Weeded EasyWeed Scraps in orange, white, and black





To heat apply the EasyWeed Scraps I’m going to start from the bottom layer up. Set your home iron between the cotton and linen settings. While that warms, set up your first color in the design, in this case it’s white. Cover the material with a heat transfer cover sheet, and firmly press the iron down for 10-15 seconds in sections (Don’t slide the iron!) until the whole thing has been heat applied. Peel the carrier sheet. If the vinyl lifts with the carrier sheet instead of staying down on the shirt simply cover and heat for increments of 5 seconds until no lifting occurs. Place your next color and repeat the process.

How to Layer Siser EasyWeed with a Home Iron using EasyWeed Scraps.

When each layer is applied, cover it again and press each section again for 10 seconds. Everything should be firmly adhered and a little fox is now peering out from the pocket!

How to Make Your Own Pocket Pet T-shirt using EasyWeed Scraps and a home iron.You could create all kinds of pocket pets depending on your EasyWeed Scraps! What’s your favorite heat transfer vinyl scrap busting project? Let me know in the comments!