Eight Hot New EasyWeed Stretch Colors That You NEED In Your Inventory Now

New, fresh, fun! That’s what the latest additions to the EasyWeed Stretch line are all about. Joe gave you guys a sneak peek on Facebook of a few of the new colors, but today’s craft will show off all eight colors!

To customize a 100% cotton tote bag with EasyWeed Stretch you’ll need a vinyl cutter(I used the Silhouette Cameo for this project!), Weeder, heat transfer cover sheet, home iron or heat press, and last but not least some EasyWeed Stretch HTV!

I made a simple pennant banner in Silhouette Studio and cut it out using the settings Blade: 2, Speed: 10, Thickness: 4. EasyWeed Stretch is significantly more elastic than EasyWeed, so if you’re cutting an intricate design you may need to lower the speed. If you want to learn more about what makes a good cut on the Silhouette, read this post. When the pieces are cut, weed away any vinyl on the inside and outside of the design that’s unnecessary. You’ll be left with just your design on the clear carrier sheet.

Weeding EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl Using the Siser Weeder to weed Sweet Mint EasyWeed Stretch






Stretch can be applied with a heat press or home iron. It requires 305°F and firm pressure, so if you’re using a home iron you may need to use a little more elbow grease than usual. I put my iron on the cotton setting and placed my first transfer with the tacky side down. Then I placed a heat transfer cover sheet on top and pressed for 20 seconds. Remove the carrier hot or cold.

How to apply ballerina pink EasyWeed stretch to a tote bag

I repeated these steps for each color. Placing the transfers, covering them, and pressing for 20 seconds. If your vinyl lifts with the carrier simply replace it and press for additional 5 second intervals until it’s adhered.
Ironing EasyWeed Stretch to a 100% cotton tote bag

No denying I’m a girly girl! These pink colors make me so cheerful, and I can’t wait to use them for spring and summer projects.

How to apply EasyWeed Stretch with a home iron

Just like lilac EasyWeed, but now with a cool matte finish and ultra soft hand!

Peel EasyWeed Stretch's carrier sheet hot or cold

Purple berry’s almost fluorescent hue makes it pop! I think this material could make some really cool sportswear.

How to iron on EasyWeed Stretch to a tote bag

EasyWeed Stretch’s previous line up didn’t include a brown color, so now we’re offering Chestnut to complete your neutral palette! Chestnut has a rich reddish brown color that compliments a variety of designs.

Chestnut offers a brown neutral for the EasyWeed Stretch line

Some say it’s blue, some say it’s green. Either way Sea Glass is gorgeous!

How to make a pennant tote bag for spring

And last but not least, sweet mint! We’ve had tons of customer requests for this color, so now here it is in all it’s EasyWeed Stretch glory.

Sweet mint is one of eight new EasyWeed Stretch colors

Eight new colors create hundreds of new design possibilities! Which new EasyWeed Stretch color is your favorite? I can’t make up my mind, but I’d love for you to tell me yours in the comment section below!

Eight new EasyWeed Stretch colors on a 100% cotton tote bag