Shirt with EasyWeed Stretch design being stretched by hand

EasyWeed® Stretch - Heat Transfer Vinyl

Flexible Style for Performance Wear and More!

Activewear has met its match! EasyWeed Stretch by Siser delivers all the benefits of our EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl and combines it with super stretchability to create one remarkable HTV! The thinnest of any Siser material, EasyWeed Stretch has a true matte finish that’s available in over 20 popular colors! While EasyWeed Stretch is ideal for performance apparel from spandex to dri-fit, the soft hand and light weight often make it a favorite for other garments such as: tank tops, onesies, and almost anything else. Check out the Top Ten Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl Tips for other great uses for HTV! EasyWeed Stretch is a PU composition and can even be cut with laser systems.

CPSIA Certified

Laser Friendly Layerable Iron-On 85 Microns 3.35 Mils 
EasyWeed Stretch Shirt Design

Available Colors

EasyWeed® Stretch White EasyWeed® Stretch Gray EasyWeed® Stretch Silver EasyWeed® Stretch Charcoal EasyWeed® Stretch Black EasyWeed® Stretch Burgundy EasyWeed® Stretch Red EasyWeed® Stretch Bright Red EasyWeed® Stretch Coffee EasyWeed® Stretch Chestnut
EasyWeed® Stretch Calypso Coral EasyWeed® Stretch Orange EasyWeed® Stretch Sun EasyWeed® Stretch Yellow EasyWeed® Stretch Lemon EasyWeed® Stretch Gold EasyWeed® Stretch Dark Gold EasyWeed® Stretch Pine Green EasyWeed® Stretch Green EasyWeed® Stretch Sweet Mint
EasyWeed® Stretch Sea Glass EasyWeed® Stretch Totally Teal EasyWeed® Stretch Frosty Mint EasyWeed® Stretch Pale Blue EasyWeed® Stretch Celestial Blue EasyWeed® Stretch Royal Blue EasyWeed® Stretch Navy Blue EasyWeed® Stretch Cobalt Blue EasyWeed® Stretch Royal Purple EasyWeed® Stretch Wisteria
  EasyWeed® Stretch Lilac EasyWeed® Stretch Purple Berry EasyWeed® Stretch Bright Orchid EasyWeed® Stretch Passion Pink EasyWeed® Stretch Bubble Gum EasyWeed® Stretch Coral EasyWeed® Stretch Ballerina Pink EasyWeed® Stretch Rose Gold  

EasyWeed Stretch Applies to:

100% Cotton

100% Polyester

Cotton / Poly Blends


Lycra® / Spandex

Technical Information

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