Introducing EasyPatterns™ Heat Transfer Vinyl Plus an Easter Onesie Tutorial

8 new EasyWeed Stretch colors are exciting enough, but you’re really going to be over the moon when you get your hands on EasyPatterns! This HTV looks awesome and is so simple to use. There are 14 patterns to choose from with color variations in polka dots, plaid, chevron, zebra, leopard, classic camo, and digital camo. You can see all the patterns and color options in this video!

Each EasyPattern has a white back with a pattern on the front. When cutting, the pattern side always goes face down, so your blade cuts through the white side. I used my EasyWeed cut settings on the Cricut (Iron On), Brother ScanNCut (Blade: 2, Speed: 1, Pressure: 1), and Silhouette Cameo (Blade: 2, Speed: 8, Thickness: 4) to cut EasyPatterns. Your cut settings may need to be adjusted depending on how worn your blade is.

After cutting, I weeded away the excess from the carrier sheet using the Siser Weeder. EasyPatterns are a breeze to weed because they have a pressure sensitive (sticky) carrier just like EasyWeed!

Using the Siser Weeder to weed blue plaid EasyPatterns

How to heat press EasyPatterns

To heat apply EasyPatterns set your heat press to 305°F or your home iron to the Cotton setting. You’ll need to apply medium pressure, but if you noticed, I’m using a heat transfer pillow which will increase the pressure. When you use heat transfer pillows you’ll need to dial back the pressure to compensate for the pillow and ensure proper pressure.

Before decorating your garment, pre-press the blank for a couple of seconds to remove any lingering moisture or wrinkles. Now you’re ready to heat apply some EasyPatterns!

Did you know you can apply multiple transfers at one time? The pressure sensitive carrier allows you to stick several different patterns to each other, keeping your alignment intact and shortening the pressing process. Just make sure no HTV overlaps another carrier. Otherwise the heat transfer vinyl will adhere to the other carrier and not the garment.

How to heat apply multiple transfers at one timeCover everything with a heat transfer cover sheet, press for 10-15 seconds, and peel the carrier hot!

EasyPatterns' carrier is a hot peel

I added a bit of white EasyWeed text to finish off this Easter onesie. I used a heat transfer cover sheet and pressed for 10 seconds then peeled the carrier hot.

Pressing white EasyWeed to an Easter onesie

Pretty patterns, seasonal saying…all this onesie is missing is a lil’ baby to wear it!

DIY Easter onesie with Siser EasyPatterns plaid and polka dots

EasyPatterns are thin, soft, and lightweight. Plus they’re CPSIA certified so they’re perfect for this infant onesie! Let’s take a closer look at those cute polka dots and that dapper plaid! Polka dot EasyPatterns are also available in red and black. Plaid is available in red as well!

EasyPatterns in blue plaid, red polka dots, and pink polka dots

You can peek at all the EasyPatterns on the Siser North America app. Don’t have this useful tool yet? Download it today in the App Store or on Google Play.

Patterned HTV with the simplicity of Siser's #1 product, EasyWeed! Choose from 24 patterns and get to crafting with your Cricut, Silhouette, or Brother ScanNCut!

I know I have all kinds of EasyPattern projects rolling around in my head, but I can’t wait to see how you use EasyPatterns! Be sure to tag your projects with #SiserNA, so we can find the coolest crafts and give you a shout out!