How To Make A No Sew Iron On Fabric Applique

When typically large objects become tiny I find them exceptionally cute! Maybe that’s what makes this onesie so adorable, or it could be the pretty hot pink glitter, but mostly I think it’s the pink and blue quatrefoil fabric. I’m so excited to share this tutorial today, not only because it’s stinkin’ cute, but because I’m going to show you to use EasyWeed® Adhesive to create a no sew fabric applique!

Iron On onesie with DIY fabric applique

Iron On Fabric Applique Supplies

After you’ve gathered your supplies, prep the fabric for the adhesive by ironing any wrinkles out. Next, flip the piece of cotton to the back side and place the EasyWeed Adhesive on the fabric with the carrier side up.

EasyWeed Adhesive has a shiny carrier side and a dull adhesive side

With your iron on the Cotton setting, press firmly over each section for 10-15 seconds until all the adhesive is ironed onto the cotton. I’m using a piece of parchment paper in between my iron and the EasyWeed Adhesive carrier as a heat transfer cover sheet that acts as a heat barrier protecting the fabric.

Place the adhesive down on the back of the fabric

iron the adhesive to the fabric with 15 second presses






Wait, don’t peel the carrier yet! Now that the fabric is backed with adhesive, it’s sturdy enough to run through the Silhouette Cameo. Place the fabric side up and clear carrier side down on the Silhouette cutting mat. Place the bonded fabric on cutting mat, right side up

My artwork is set up in Silhouette Studio so that the pink outline (that will be cut from Glitter HTV) is a mirror image of the blue elephant (that will be cut from fabric.) I found the Fabric (thick fabric like canvas) pre-set in Silhouette Studio cut the EasyWeed Adhesive backed fabric perfectly.

fabric applique artwork in silhouette studio

After cutting the fabric, peel away the uncut portions. Next, cut and weed the Glitter HTV using the Siser Weeder to pick out the all the unneeded pieces.

Remove the excess from the cut fabric applique

Weed away extra HTV after cutting






If you sell ready made fabric appliques, then you can stop here and start packing things up for shipping. However, if you want to apply the applique, then you’ll use your weeding tool to pierce the clear carrier and peel it off leaving the adhesive behind.

Remove the EasyWeed Adhesive carrier from the fabric applique

Pierce and peel the clear carrier up






The fabric applique is now ready to be ironed on! But, see how the the fabric is curling without the carrier to stabilize it? fabric applique and Glitter HTV elephant pieces

You could fix this with some heat safe tape, OR you can use my nifty trick. Take the fabric piece and place it on Glitter’s sticky carrier. Now not only is the fabric not curled, but the 2 layers are aligned so I only need to press once!

Press the fabric to the Glitter HTV carrier to hold it in place

Before positioning the iron on, set your iron to “Cotton” and pre-press the onesie to remove any wrinkles or lingering moisture. Now place the shiny side of the carrier up on the garment. You should be looking at the front of your Glitter and fabric now. Cover the pieces with parchment paper and press in sections for 15-20 seconds until the whole applique has been applied.

Iron each section for 15-20 seconds

pre iron the garment before applying the fabric applique






Give the carrier a few moments to cool before peeling it away. When ironing on HTV it’s important that the edges are securely heat applied. In this case it’s especially important since the Glitter outlines seal the cut edges of the fabric to keep it from fraying. Typical appliques usually require machine sewing around the edges, but not EasyWeed Adhesive fabric appliques! To ensure your edges are sealed, re-cover the applied layers and press the edges again for 5-10 seconds.

Peel the carrier while it's warm

Super cute results! Don’t you agree? I LOVE how easy this was, and I hope it’s inspired you to play with fabric applique and EasyWeed Adhesive!

Quick, easy, cute! This DIY fabric applique is no sew and can be applied with your home iron! Check out this Silhouette Cameo tutorial for all the details!


Think EasyWeed Adhesive is cool enough already? This out of the box use for it is amazing!