Personalized Oven Mitt for Father’s Day

Celebrate Dad around the grill this Father’s Day. This custom oven mitt is an inexpensive, but useful gift for the grill master in your life. All you need is an oven mitt (this one is from the dollar store and still looks great) and some Siser EasyWeed!

Start by creating your text or design. I created this seal in Adobe Photoshop, saved it as a jpeg, and traced it in Silhouette Studio.

Creating the Father's Day seal in Silhouette Studio for a custom oven mitt.

EasyWeed Cut Settings for the Silhouette Cameo = Blade 2, Speed 5, Thickness 5.

Always mirror your design before cutting. The Silhouette will be cutting on the back of the material so when you lay it face up for application the words will be going the right direction. The image below shows the shiny, carrier side of the material going face down on the cutting mat, and the matte heat transfer vinyl side face up. The shiny side with the carrier always goes face down when cutting.

Showing the glossy, carrier side and the matte material side of black EasyWeed on a Silhouette Cameo cutting mat.

When the Silhouette Cameo is finished cutting the heat transfer vinyl, unload the mat from the cutting machine and peel the vinyl off the mat. Grab your Siser Weeder and start weeding!

Weeding a black EasyWeed HTV Father's Day logo for an oven mitt.

Home iron, heat transfer pillow, Siser Weeder, EasyWeed iron on transfer, oven mitt, and a heat transfer cover sheet.

While you’re weeding, turn your iron on so it’s hot when you’re ready to apply. The dial should be set between the cotton and wool setting. We’re aiming for a temperature around 305°F. The steam setting should always be off when applying HTV. Opt for a hard table or surface when applying instead of an ironing board. The squishy ironing board top can cause uneven pressure that might lead to lifting of the material.

There is a lot of stitching on this oven mitt that could mess up my application, so I’m going to put a heat transfer pillow inside which will help me apply the vinyl evenly. Once that’s finished place your design on the mitt, cover it with a heat transfer cover sheet (never iron directly on the carrier sheet), and press firmly for 10-15 seconds on each section of the design. Lift and press each section instead of sliding the iron.

How to iron on EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl to an oven mitt

Ready for the grill!

A custom oven mitt for Father's Day made with Siser EasyWeed HTV

It’s amazing what you can create using simple items from the dollar store and EasyWeed. This gift is sure to light up your dad’s face every time he lights up the grill.

Check out our Pinterest board, Father’s Day HTV Inspiration, dedicated to Father’s Day for more DIY gift inspiration!

 Create custom oven mitts with this easy tutorial. DIY oven mitts make great gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, teachers, or bridal showers! All you need is Siser heat transfer vinyl and a home iron. EasyWeed looks awesome on this oven mitt! DIY Grill Mitt for Father's Day. Easy DIY gift that you can make last minute because it's such a quick craft. Grab your craft cutter, Easyweed heat transfer vinyl, and a home iron for a fast DIY project. Easy DIY oven mitt tutorial. These make great gifts for teachers and bridal showers as well as Mother's and Father's day. So many custom opportunities! Make your own with Siser iron on vinyl.