Filling Text With Images Using Leonardo®Design Studio Pro

Having fun with text is a great way to liven up nearly any design. But what if you could place a full-color photograph INSIDE the text? With the features available in Leonardo® Design Studio Pro, you absolutely can! Read on to see how filling text with images is not only possible, but quick and easy as well thanks to the Intersect and Flag Warp tools available exclusively for Pro users!

Using the Flag Warp on Text

One of the best ways to fill text with images (in my opinion) is with a vacation photo. As someone who’s been brainstorming a European trip, I’ve been chomping at the bit to head over to Italy— specifically Venice. What better way to get myself excited for a potential international getaway than with a new tee?

I’ll begin by using the Text Tool to simply type out the name of my destination in my desired font and drop it on the artboard.

Adding "Venice" text to the artboard.

This text is looking a little plain, and Venice is anything but. To spruce it up a bit, I can warp it in just a couple of clicks. I’ll select my text and hover over the Warp tool down on the toolbar. The second option to the right is the Flag Warp.

Clicking the Flag Warp icon instantly gives my text a wavy flag look! But it doesn’t end there— small handlebars will appear from each corner of the text. I can click and drag these to increase or decrease the warp effect to my liking!

Warping text using the Flag Warp tool.

Filling Text with an Image Using Intersect

Now that I have my text warped just the way I want, it’s time to bring in my image. Our graphic designer, Kortez, already has a beautiful photo of Venice for me, so I can use the Import command to drop that in as a Background Image.

Importing photo as a background image.

With my photo now on the artboard, I’ll first want to make sure it’s correctly sized to fit my text. I’ll drag the corners to shrink it down and get it as close to the edge of my text as possible.

Resizing background image to fit text.

It’s sized and position right, but it’s blocking my text! I can easily fix this by selecting the image, right clicking, hovering over “Order”, and clicking Send to Back. My text is now on top!

Sending an image to the back in Leonardo.

Once my text and image are just how I want them, I’ll select both and hover over the Weld tool on the toolbar. The fourth option to the right is Intersect.

Clicking Intersect will instantly fill the word “Venice” with my image! What was once solid text is now a multi-colored work of art.

Using the Intersect tool in Leonardo Pro to fill text with an image.

Finishing the Design

There’s still one more thing I need to do to ensure this design is properly converted into a Print & Cut project. I can highlight the entire design and hit the Build Contours button down in the toolbar to do just that!

Building cut contours for an image.

Since my design is intended for a shirt, I’ll then load my inkjet printer with EasyColor™ DTV™ and send this design off to be printed, cut, and finally applied!

Want to see both the Flag Warp and Intersect tools in action? Don’t miss our YouTube video below:

Filling text with images is great for vacation apparel, personalized gifts, celebration shirts, and so much more! Let me know what YOU would create with this feature in the comments below!