Fourth of July Design with EasyWeed Electric, Glitter, and StripFlock

Oh say can you see…this cute T-shirt design on a top of your own? Fourth of July is the time to deck yourself out in stars, stripes, and heat transfer vinyl! Add this adorable design to your cut file collection and whip up a new shirt for the holiday. I’ll show you the process and then you can download the free cut file and create your very own American Heart shirt!

First, I created the design in Silhouette Studio.

Fourth of July American Heart design in Silhouette Studio

The cut file comes pre-mirrored, so you won’t have to do any editing!

I used Silhouette Studio’s cut by line color feature for this project. Each color has it’s own cut settings that I’ve set up as well as a pause in between each color so I could switch the material type on the cutting mat. This is the fastest way to cut multiple colors and materials on the Silhouette.

Red EasyWeed Electric, white Glitter, and navy blue StripFlock HTV

Red EasyWeed Electric, white Glitter, and Navy Blue StripFlock.

The glossy carrier side goes face down on the mat while the matter material side faces up. When we heat apply, the carrier will be face up on the garment. That’s why you always mirror your image and text before cutting, otherwise the design would be backwards on the finished product.

Weeding EasyWeed Electric heat transfer vinylHere are the cut settings I used on the Silhouette Cameo:

  • EasyWeed Electric = Heat Transfer Vinyl Smooth. Blade 2. Speed 8. Thickness 5.
  • Glitter = Heat Transfer Vinyl Flocked. Blade 3. Speed 5. Thickness 8.
  • StripFlock = Heat Transfer Vinyl Flocked. Blade 3. Speed 5. Thickness 8.


The weeded HTV pieces for a Fourth of July crop topThe Siser Weeder helps me remove all the vinyl that I don’t need for the design quickly and neatly.

Once all my pieces are weeded I can begin the heat application process! StripFlock and Glitter should be pressed at 320°F for 15 seconds. While EasyWeed Electric has a lower temperature of 305°F.

Press your bottom most layer first. In this case it’s StripFlock. Position the heat transfer vinyl, cover with a heat transfer cover sheet, and press for 15 seconds. Wait till the material is cool and then peel the carrier. Next, position the white glitter on top of the StripFlock, place you cover sheet, and press for 15 seconds. Peel the carrier off the Glitter after a few seconds when the carrier is warm, but not hot. Finally turn your heat press down to 305°F and press the EasyWeed Electric for 15 seconds. Peel the carrier hot or cold.


Heat applying Siser HTV for a Fourth of July T-shirt

A great Fourth of July crop top for a summer celebration! If you’d like to make your own Fourth of July American Heart T-shirt you can download the cut files. Make sure you tag your photos with #SiserNA or send us a picture directly through the Siser North America App! Download the app on iTunes or on Google Play.

 Feel pretty and patriotic in this DIY Fourth of July tshirt. Iron on Vinyl tutorial and FREE CUT FILE for all vinyl cutters. />