Glove Printing Made Easy With EasyWeed and a household Iron!

In some parts of the world, gloves are a necessity. It gets cold out there folks! I know here in Michigan the winters can be pretty brutal. I keep gloves everywhere, in the car, in the house, at the office. You don’t want to get stuck without them when the temps take a vacation south of the thermometer border. Gloves are great, but they don’t have to just be functional, they can be decorative as well! Glove printing is all the rage right now… well, for purposes of this blog post at least. For the “Tech Gloves” (gloves that feature conductive fingertips for use with smartphones and tablets) we decorated here, we determined that EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl would be the best material for the job. I set about making a skull logo for the top side of the glove and cut it out of EasyWeed with a Silhouette Cameo. I could have used a larger cutter such as the Roland GX-24, but the design was small enough that the desktop Cameo made perfect sense. In the video below, Joe takes the skulls and through the magic of glove printing with EasyWeed and a household iron, transforms the plain gloves into a hip and trendy fashion accessory! Don’t let the manly look of these gloves deter you from trying Glitter or Holographic heat transfer vinyl on kid’s or women’s gloves as well. If you get good enough at glove printing, you could turn it into a business itself! There are a lot of cold hands in the world… think how much warmer and stylish you could make them! While counting your millions from your custom printed glove business, don’t forget the little people that passed on tips like glove printing to you!