DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Decorations

with Siser® EasyPSV® Glow

Question: How do you keep an Easter egg hunt fair and still fun, especially when you’re entertaining kids of all ages?

Answer:  You can decorate Easter eggs with Siser EasyPSV of course!

Color-coordinate your designs or decorate plastic eggs with letters or numbers using any Siser EasyPSV. This makes it easy to assign them to certain age groups as well as helps with deciding age-appropriate treats to put inside the eggs!

To make this Easter egg hunt extra fun – Decorate Easter eggs using EasyPSV Glow for a nighttime egg-stravaganza, indoors or out!

I suggest taking extra care while cutting EasyPSV Glow.  It’s much thicker than standard EasyPSV so it’s best to keep designs simple.  I cut basic numbers (to assign a number to each age group) and circles to make polka-dots.

Simple numbers and circles cut with EasyPSV Glow

You can  find our suggested cut settings on our website.

I’m not going to use EasyPSV Application Tape this time since I’m not keeping any text or designs together.  I can easily peel and stick these decals to the plastic eggs using my hands in this case.

Apply EasyPSV Glow to Easter eggs without application tape

Remember, since we are using adhesive vinyl there is no need to mirror your artwork.  If you’re in need of a Siser EasyPSV refresher course, check out this blog post.

Decorated Easter Eggs with EasyPSV Glow

To make EasyPSV Glow stay bright and illuminated, charge the vinyl for about 15 minutes before hiding the eggs.  Make sure to set a time limit on your glowing Easter egg hunt to less than 2 hours.  EasyPSV Glow will begin to fade and some Easter eggs may be left undiscovered!

DIY Glowing Easter Egg Decorations

For the Easter Basket – I decorated the outside with Siser EasyPSV Glitter.  Since I didn’t have any Easter grass hanging around, I decided to run sheets of Siser Glitter HTV through a paper shredder to make awesome GLITTER GRASS!  (Just be sure to remove the clear carrier from the HTV before running through a paper shredder.)

Let the hunt begin!


Decorate Easter eggs with EasyPSV glow in the dark for a hunt that will entertain all ages! Don't forget you can decorate your Easter basket with EasyPSV as well!