Go Green With EasyWeed® EcoStretch™

It’s soft, it’s stretchy, and it’s green: it’s EasyWeed® EcoStretch™! Siser® is entering a more sustainable era with this flexible and eco-friendly heat transfer material. But what’s so special about it? How does it differ from the original EasyWeed Stretch? And what exactly does “Eco” mean? Don’t worry— all these questions (and more) will be answered in this guide to EasyWeed EcoStretch!

The Benefits of EcoStretch


EasyWeed EcoStretch isn’t just a new material, it’s a reimagining of our classic EasyWeed Stretch line with a greener vision. The manufacturing process for EcoStretch features a new water-based formula, first seen in our S-Print™ Digital Media. This means that the main ingredient is… well… water!

But how exactly is that a benefit? EasyWeed EcoStretch uses water instead of chemicals during its creation, so there’s a much smaller environmental impact. Not only will your shirts look and feel great, but the Earth will too!

Lower Heat Application

Because it’s water based, EasyWeed EcoStretch can be applied at a much lower temperature of just 250°F! A lower temperature setting on your heat press means you’re using less electricity… that’s good for the planet AND your wallet.

Fully Recyclable

After you’ve applied your EcoStretch design, chances are you’ll be left with some weeded scraps and leftover carrier. This is trash, right? WRONG!

EasyWeed EcoStretch is 100% recyclable. That means both the material itself AND the carrier can head into the recycling bin instead of the nearest landfill.

Recycling scraps of EasyWeed EcoStretch.

As with all recyclables, please check with your local recycling office to see what types of materials are accepted in your area.

Certainly Certified

I can talk all about how green and eco-friendly EasyWeed EcoStretch is, but how do you know it’s not just marketing lingo? Well don’t just take my word for it— have a look at the various certifications that EcoStretch has earned!

  • EasyWeed EcoStretch green certifications.

EasyWeed EcoStretch is:

  • OEKO TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 Certified
  • VEGANOK Certified
  • REACH Compliant
  • CPSIA Certified
  • California Prop 65 Compliant
  • 100% Recyclable (Film and Carrier)

Same Great Flexibility

Going green is great, but does that mean EcoStretch sacrifices the great features of our previous EasyWeed Stretch? No, absolutely not!

EasyWeed EcoStretch is still extremely stretchy, flexing and rebounding with fabrics like Lycra® and Spandex. Plus, the low application temperature means you won’t have to worry about scorching your activewear!

Stretching EasyWeed EcoStretch heat transfer material.

Now that you know all the benefits of EasyWeed EcoStretch, it’s time to see it in action with a project!

How to Decorate Activewear with EasyWeed EcoStretch

Step 1: Select or Create Your Design

Import your design into Leonardo™ Design Studio or select one of thousands from the Design Library. In this case, I found these awesome designs (made by our very own graphic designer, Kortez) that I’ll use for a pair of yoga pants and a crop top. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even make your own artwork from scratch on the Design Page! However you get your design, make sure you mirror it when complete since EcoStretch is a heat transfer material.

  • Bloom design in Leonardo Design Studio.
  • Bloomin' roses design in Leonardo Design Studio.

Step 2: Cut EasyWeed EcoStretch

Once the design is done, you’re ready to cut! EcoStretch comes in 38 colors, most of which contain a matte finish with 4 notable exceptions (Silver, Gold, Vegas Gold, and Rose Gold). For this project, we’ll be using White, Ballerina Pink, and Royal Blue.

If you’re using a Romeo® or Juliet® cutter, EcoStretch can be cut without a mat! Feed the first color directly into the machine carrier side down and position the cut head in the bottom right corner. (If you DO prefer to use a mat, we recommend the High Tack Cutting Mat for heat transfer materials.)

Loading EasyWeed EcoStretch into Juliet cutter.

EasyWeed EcoStretch uses the same cut settings as the original EasyWeed Stretch, so you can select the preset cut settings for “Stretch” from your cutter touch screen. Because the age and condition of the cutting blade can affect your results, we recommend performing a test cut and adjusting the cut settings if needed.

Step 3: Weed EasyWeed EcoStretch

It wouldn’t be an EasyWeed product if it wasn’t easy to weed! Grab an EasyWeeder® or EasyTweezers® to quickly remove the cavities and excess material away from your design. Because EcoStretch is stretchier than your average material (who would’ve guessed?), you may need to use a bit more force to lift it from the carrier.

Weeding EasyWeed EcoStretch heat transfer material.

To make things even easier, EcoStretch can also be weeded using the nifty heat press trick seen below!

Step 4: Apply EasyWeed EcoStretch

When your designs are fully weeded, it’s time to apply! Set your heat press to 250°F (121°C for our international friends). That’s not a typo— EcoStretch really does apply with that low of a temperature!

Siser Craft Heat Press set to 250°F.

No heat press? No problem! EasyWeed EcoStretch applies with a “medium” amount of pressure, compared to “firm” pressure with EasyWeed Stretch. This means that applying EcoStretch with a home iron is an absolute breeze!

Arrange the crop top onto the lower heat press platen (or a flat, hard surface if using a home iron) and give it a quick pre-press for a few seconds to remove any wrinkles or moisture.

Place the first color of your weeded design onto the apparel, then cover the design with a piece of parchment paper or a cover sheet. Tack it down with a medium amount of pressure for 1-3 seconds.

Heat pressing a garment using a Siser Craft Press.

Once tacked down, you can go ahead and peel the carrier hot. Continue this process with any remaining colors until the design is fully tacked down. Oh, and there’s no need to worry about the “knock out method” because EcoStretch is layerable!

Peeling the carrier hot off EasyWeed EcoStretch.

When the entire design has been tacked down, place your cover sheet over it again and give it a final press for about 10 seconds.

With the crop top complete, place one leg of the yoga pants on the heat press platen next and repeat this step from the beginning with the appropriate layers.

Peeling the carrier hot off EasyWeed EcoStretch.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Your sportswear is now decorated and looking spiffy! Go ahead— pull it, stretch it, and twist it. EasyWeed EcoStretch flexes with the garment and rebounds back to its original shape without cracking or peeling!

Stretching a shirt with EasyWeed EcoStretch applied.

When it’s time for doing laundry, EasyWeed EcoStretch is still machine washable and can be tumble dried on “low”. Want to go even greener? Wash with cold water and hang dry for maximum eco-friendliness!

EasyWeed EcoStretch is more than just a new material. It marks a new chapter in Siser’s goal to becoming a more sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturer.

Applied crop top and yoga pants using EasyWeed EcoStretch.

Ready to get your hands on EasyWeed EcoStretch? This material is now available through most Siser Authorized Distributors and Resellers. You can also find select colors at Michaels® Craft Stores!

Need to find an Authorized Dealer? Email us at info@siserna.com and we’ll help you go green!

Check out the video below to REALLY see EcoStretch in action!