A Guide to EasyPSV® Glitter by Avery Dennison®

The amazing team-up has returned! Siser® has partnered with Avery Dennison® once again to bring you an all-new product: EasyPSV® Glitter by Avery Dennison! If you didn’t already know, Siser has previously partnered with these industry legends to deliver an improved version of our solid color pressure-sensitive vinyl called EasyPSV Starling™. Check out this blog post if you want more information on that material.

EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison features 17 colors with a smooth, glittery finish that you know and love from the previous version. And just like with Starling, this new material promises to bring improved workability from beginning to end. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get started!

What’s New With EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison

Better Cutting

The first improvement you’ll notice when working with EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison is that cutting is now even easier! What does this mean? For starters, the material is now more forgiving so you won’t ruin your cut if the settings aren’t exactly right. This saves both time and material— but of course we still always recommend performing test cuts!

Improved cutting ALSO means that you can achieve even smaller, more intricate cuts than before. This means when you combine EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison with a capable cutter (like Romeo® or Juliet®), you’re able to cut impressively fine details!

Easier Weeding

Improved cutting is a welcome change. But for a lot of us, weeding can be the most frustrating step. EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison has your back here, too! You’ll find that removing the cavities and negative space from your designs requires almost no effort at all. You’re also less likely to accidentally lift your design or rip the paper backing.

Simpler Application

Yes, even the application process has improved with EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison! Masking your designs to the same EasyPSV Application Tape is much simpler. Gone are the days of furiously squeegeeing your material only for half of it to remain stuck to the paper backing. With just a quick burnish using your EasySqueegee®, your work is securely adhered!

Not only is it simpler to adhere this new vinyl to the Application Tape, but it releases easier too! Roll your design onto a hard surface (like glass, plastic, metal, wood, or ceramic) and give it another quick burnish with your EasySqueegee. Then just peel back the tape and admire your work!

New Branded Backing

I’ve gone over 3 ways that EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison boasts improved performance over the previous version. But there’s one more bonus feature— a branded paper backing! Not only does this help you differentiate the new version over the old stuff, but this also gives peace of mind that you’re buying authentic Siser materials. So long, imposters!

Siser and Avery Dennison branded backing.

Making a Sign With EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison

It’s one thing to talk (or type) about the new improvements, but how about I show you? As I mentioned earlier, EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison applies onto a variety of surfaces. For this project, we’re going to be decorating a wooden sign!

Selecting or Creating a Design

The first step to making a sign is to… well… create the design! Leonardo™ Design Studio is an incredibly nifty program that offers an array of creative tools to make designs from scratch. But if you’re short on time (or not entirely in a designing mood, like me), Leonardo also offers a huge library of royalty-free art for you to use— like this “Good Vibes” design! Clicking “Make It” automatically drops it onto the Design Page for you.

Good Vibes design in Leonardo™ Design Studio.

Cutting EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison

Just like other EasyPSV products, Glitter by Avery Dennison should be cut with the color side facing up and paper backing facing down. You’ll want to use a Siser Light Tack Cutting Mat so you can easily remove the vinyl after cutting. With Romeo and Juliet, you can also simply load your material into the cutter mat-free! Either way, make sure your design is NOT mirrored/reversed!

EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison can use the same pre-set cut setting for PSV Glitter that is already built into every Romeo and Juliet machine. Like always, we recommend using the test cut feature to see if any small adjustments need to be made. This blog post for Romeo and this blog post for Juliet go into detail about how to use this nifty test cut option.

Weeding EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison

Once your design is cut, weeding comes next! Using an EasyWeeder® or EasyTweezers®, you can gracefully remove any negative space from your design.

Weeding EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison.

Just like with EasyPSV Starling, intricate details are easily achievable!

Applying EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison

Before starting the application process, it’s always a good idea to make sure your surface is free from any dust or debris. Normally, we suggest using isopropyl alcohol or soapy water with a microfiber cloth to clean your surface. But when you’re working with wood, you can simply brush off any obstructions.

Although the vinyl is new, the tape isn’t! You can still use the same EasyPSV Application Tape that you’ve been used to for years. Cut a piece of tape that’s slightly larger than the design, peel away the paper backing, and burnish it over your design using an EasySqueegee!

Burnishing EasyPSV Application Tape over the Good Vibes design using an EasySqueegee.

After burnishing, slowly peel back the tape to lift your design off of its paper backing. Now you’re ready to align it over your surface and burnish again to transfer the design from the tape to the object!

EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison CAN be layered on itself or other EasyPSV products! The “hinge method” works great for lining up multiple colors, and I highly recommend checking out Step 3 in this blog for a closer look.


Your sign is now complete! Hang up your work of art wherever you see fit and you’ll notice that EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison really helps spread the good vibes! This material is also rated for outdoor use, so go ahead and create some dazzling yard signs or window decals, too!

Wooden sign decorated with "Good Vibes" design using EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison.

If you happen to decorate drinkware, it’s important to note that we recommend hand washing only to help extend the life of your design.

Experience EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison for Yourself

Ready to create with this fun, new material? EasyPSV Glitter by Avery Dennison is available from several of our Authorized Distributors and Authorized Resellers. Need to find a dealer near you? Shoot us an email at info@siserna.com and we’ll get you in touch with someone who can help!

Check out the video below to see a closer look at this project!