EasyPatterns® Heat Transfer Vinyl

All the Variety Without the Extra Work!

EasyPatterns® are the wow factor you're looking for! These pre-printed patterns eliminate the need for layering multiple solid colors, therefore eliminating extra weight on the garment! Available in styles ranging from classic to cool, there’s bound to be a pattern that's perfect for your next project. EasyPatterns were designed to fit into a variety of vinyl cutters as easily as they fit into a variety of niches and trends. Simply cut in the positive (do not mirror) with the pattern facing up, weed away the excess from the static carrier, and mask with TTD High Tack and a squeegee. After heat application, the mask releases quick and easy while still warm. Mix and match EasyPatterns with other types of Siser HTV for extraordinary styles. Just be sure to keep EasyPatterns as the top layer for best results. With a semi-gloss finish and soft hand, EasyPatterns are the star of the show even when applied with a home iron!

EasyPatterns are 80 Microns / 3.1 Mils and are a PU composition.

EasyPatterns features

EasyPatterns Decorated Shirt

Please Note: Due to increased heat and humidity during the summer months, we recommend allowing TTD Masks to return to indoor room temperature (below 70°F/21°C) before use for best performance. If additional cooling is needed, TTD Masks can be placed inside a fridge or freezer for 5- 10 minutes.

EasyPatterns Barn Wood   EasyPatterns Basketball   EasyPatterns Buffalo Plaid Blue   EasyPatterns Buffalo PLaid Red   EasyPatterns Camo green   EasyPatterns Camo Pink   EasyPatterns Digi Camo Pink   EasyPatterns Digi Camo Tan
EasyPatterns Football   EasyPatterns Houndstooth   EasyPatterns Infinite Galaxy   EasyPatterns Jambo   EasyPatterns Jubilee   EasyPatterns Kente   EasyPatterns Kusonga   EasyPatterns Leopard Pink
EasyPatterns Leopard tan   EasyPatterns Mermaid Scales Teal   EasyPatterns Ombre Curlz Coral   EasyPatterns Polka Dot Black   EasyPatterns Polka Dot Red   EasyPatterns Serape   EasyPatterns Tropical blue   EasyPatterns Zebra
EasyPatterns Sunset Gradient   EasyPatterns Vintage Rose   EasyPatterns Watercolor Rainbow                    

Seasonal Patterns: Winter 2020

    EasyPatterns Buffalo Candy Canes   EasyPatterns Seasonal Holly Day   EasyPatterns Seasonal Pineboughs   EasyPatterns Seasonal Snowflakes   EasyPatterns Seasonal Sweater Knit   EasyPatterns Seasonal Winter Plaid    

EasyPatterns Apply to:

Craft Cutter Settings

Blade: Standard    Setting: Iron-on

    Silhouette Cameo:    
Standard, 3    Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth    Speed:     Force:  6

    Brother ScanNCut:    
Standard, 2    Cut Speed: 1    Cut Pressure: 1

Settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine. Always perform a test cut prior to cutting designs.

Pro Cutter Settings

    Roland GX/GS-24:
Blade: 45°    Gram Force: 80-90    Offset: .250    Speed: 25-50 cm/s

45°    Force: 9    Tool: CB09+0    Speed: 25 cm/s

    MH, SC2, LP3, and Titan 1:    
45°/60°    Gram Force: 80-85    Speed: 300 mm/s *Blade Advancing Varies

    Titan 2 & 3:    
45°/60°    Gram Force: 60-65    Speed: 300 mm/s *Blade Advancing Varies

    Mimaki CG-60SR III:    
45°    Gram Force: 90    Offset: 30    Speed: 20-30 cm/s

Settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine. Always perform a test cut prior to cutting designs.

Application Instructions

Home Iron Instructions

• Cut design in positive (do not mirror)
• Mask with TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask
• Set iron dial between Cotton and Linen
• Cover with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multipurpose Paper
• Place on flat, hard surface (ironing board not recommended)
• Press iron with medium/firm pressure (do not slide iron)
• Press each section of design for 15 seconds
• If areas of design lift after application, replace cover sheet and
re-press for 10 seconds
• Peel carrier hot cold

Heat Press Instructions     

• Cut design in positive (do not mirror)
• Weed excess material
• Mask with TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask    
• Cover with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet or Multipurpose Paper
• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
• Apply design at 305°F/150°C
• Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds
• Peel carrier hot or cold

Click here for a printable version of all HTV application instructions

Recommended Accessories:

Siser Weeder
TTD High Tack Mask or
TTD Easy Mask
Siser Squeegee
Multipurpose Paper


Wait 24 hours before first wash
Machine wash cold / mild detergent
Dry on normal dryer setting
Do not dry clean

EasyPatterns Design