One Heat Transfer Vinyl, Multiple Appearances

Place Holographic Pearl with the shiny, carrier side down.

Place Holographic Pearl with the shiny, carrier side down. *Pro Tip: weed a corner if you’re unsure which side has the carrier.

If you’ve been working with Siser® heat transfer vinyl for a while now, you may have ventured further than our most popular HTV, EasyWeed™. While Glitter offers sparkle, Holographic has shimmer that can’t be beat, plus a special translucent HTV that changes hues depending on the color it’s applied on. Sounds pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, we can’t include a sample of Pearl on every. single. possible. background. color in our Color Guide or App. So a lot of the time people don’t realize how unique this special effects vinyl is!




That’s where the Siser Blog comes in ;) We pressed Holographic Pearl on white, gray, black, and red to show you just how different Pearl can be! Pearl is considered a Holographic HTV because the cutting, weeding, and application are the same. If you need help getting started with Holographic, click here for my 6 Tips and Tricks for Working with Holographic HTV.

how to heat press holographic pearl on multiple colors

Press Holographic Pearl for 15 seconds with medium pressure at 320°F. When the vinyl is cool to the touch, peel the carrier. If you peel the carrier while it’s still hot, some HTV may lift with the carrier and not bond to the fabric.

Holographic heat transfer vinyl is a cold peel

On white, Holographic Pearl appears pink and yellow. On black and gray, Pearl takes on cooler hues of green, blue, and purple. While on red, Holographic Pearl looks almost yellow.

Holographic pearl is translucent and appears different on each color

Like dragonfly wings, Holographic Pearl is translucent and beautiful! Which color is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Translucent dragonflies t-shirts made with translucent HTV

Never forget how Holographic Pearl will appear on different colors by pinning the image below.

Depending on what color Holographic Pearl is applied on, it's colors will appear differently. From pink to yellow, this heat transfer vinyl has mutlti colored covered! Reach for this special effects HTV next time you want a truly unique look!