How To Use Offsets to Create A 3 Color Baseball Logo

I can’t deny I’m a baseball girl, and now that the season is officially underway I couldn’t wait to design a baseball logo. While EasyWeed™ heat transfer vinyl is great for little league jerseys, it can also be used for the classic split front styles. However it does add a few more steps to the design process.

To start, type out the name of the team. I’m using the font Branboll which is for personal use only, but you can purchase a commercial license. The baseball is a free cut file offered by Silhouette. Select your text and add a .125 offset. Keep your original text (black) and give your offset a fill color (red.) Now select the offset you just created and give it a .125 offset. Give it a color (white.)

How to use offsets in Silhouette Studio

You can create all kinds of things in Silhouette Studio once you’re familiar with the tools! Check out what else you can do with offsets

To make my final offset one solid piece I had to point edit and delete all the inner cut lines.

To make my final offset one solid piece I had to point edit and delete all the inner cut lines.

Now to split the design! First, measure your jersey. You can see where the design will lay on the jersey because of the button spacing. Mark down your length and width dimensions then make your most important measurement: the button placket.

My placket is 2″ wide, so I know I need a 2″ overlap on each side of the design. Take your length measurement and divide it by two. Then add however many inches your placket is. This will tell you how many inches over to split your design. Before splitting the logo be sure to make a copy to use for your 2nd split. Then you can use the handy grid lines to find your splitting point. Place a rectangle there. Next, select all pieces of the logo and the rectangle then go to Modify > Subtract All. Now you can delete the remaining unnecessary pieces.

How to split a layered design in Silhouette Studio

Repeat the steps for the other side and your split front logo is complete!

How to make a split front logo in Silhouette Studio

Want to know how to apply a split front logo? Watch the video here!

Step by step tutorial for creating a 3 color split front logo for professional baseball jerseys.

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