Applying Siser Glitter HTV with the Cricut EasyPress

Step 1: Set the temperature to 355°F. Most Siser HTV can be applied with the EasyPress set to 335°F-340°F, but Glitter does best with a little higher temperature. When the press beeps, it’s reached temperature and you can use it to pre-press the jersey.

Step 2: Place the EasyPress mat inside the garment between the front and back layers.

Place EasyPress mat inside mesh jersey

Step 3: Cover HTV with a heat transfer cover sheet and press firmly for 5-10 seconds. (The larger 12×10 EasyPress 2 enabled me to press in just two sections as opposed to five sections with my small iron.)

Press Glitter iron on firmly with the EasyPress

Step 4: Peel carrier warm.

Siser Glitter HTV is a warm peel

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 with your second color.

Now this mesh jersey looks fabulous from front to back!

front and pack of St. Patrick's day mesh jersey

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Use your home iron or Cricut EasyPress to decorate polyester mesh jerseys for St. Patty's or March Madness. Get Siser's recommended time, temperature, and pressure for best results in this post!