DIY Decorated Corkboard with Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here’s a quick craft to compliment your home command center, dorm, or classroom. Decorate cork to label and organize, show your school spirit, or add a fun quote like I chose to do. The possibilities go on and on, but luckily this craft doesn’t. You could whip this up in an afternoon or less!

Supplies for Decorating Cork:

Supplies for a DIY decorated cork board

When you pick your design, make sure it will fit on the board. My cork board is 12″ x 12″, so I made my design 11.5″ long. I created this text cut file in Cricut Design Space with a few fonts and a little rearranging before I was satisfied with the look. Click the flashing Cricut button to start the cutting process and you’re moments away from making that digital cut file into a reality!

Quote cut file mirrored in Cricut Design Space

Always select “Mirror Image for Iron On” when cutting Siser HTV

Did you know you can cut heat transfer vinyl on the Cricut with or without a cutting mat? Just make sure the shiny side of the HTV is face down no matter what.

When the Cricut is done cutting, unload the material, and weed away the extra Glitter. The Siser Weeder is an invaluable tool for speeding up the process.

Use the Siser Weeder to remove excess Glitter HTV

When the only HTV remaining on the carrier is your design, then you can place it on the cork board to heat apply. The clear carrier has a smooth shiny side and a sticky side. The sticky side always goes face down for heat application.

Set your iron to “Cotton” and use some kind of a cover sheet to keep everything protected. A piece of parchment paper or cotton cloth will work fine. Since my design is longer than my actual iron I pressed half of the HTV for 10 seconds, picked up my iron, and pressed it on the second section for 10 seconds. Notice I did not slide my iron! Sliding could cause the HTV to shift and ruin your alignment, so it’s best to press in sections.

Put a cover sheet on top of the HTV before ironingiron firmly in sections for 10 seconds each

After 10 seconds, the carrier actually started to lift away which indicated that the Glitter is stuck firmly to the cork, so I peeled the rest of the carrier. If after 10 seconds, your HTV still lifts with the carrier, replace the cover sheet and press for 5 second increments until the Glitter is fully adhered.

Carrier lifting away from Glitter HTV and cork board Peel Glitter's carrier while it's warm

I love how this craft turned out! The purple Glitter looks so pretty on the cork, and now I can’t wait to experiment with other colors and designs.

purple Glitter heat transfer vinyl on a cork board

Want to try it for yourself? Pin the image below, so you remember to give it a go!

Decorate a cork board for your command center, classroom, or dorm with Siser Glitter HTV and your home iron. See this step by step tutorial to apply heat transfer vinyl on cork

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