Custom Cupcake Business Apron with Layered EasyWeed Electric

Aprons are a staple in most restaurants for wait staff and the kitchen crew. However, they can be useful for many other businesses and events. For the purpose of this post, my business is a faux bakery, but waist aprons are also great for craft shows, community events, and gardening. The multiple pockets are perfect for holding your business cards, phone, pen and paper, or other utensils.

Snag this delicious cut file to make all sorts of projects! We made 2 projects with 1 cut file: a customized business apron and a sweet Valentine's day raglan t-shirt!

After creating the faux business logo in Adobe Illustrator I imported the .svg file and cut it out with the GCC iCraft. Head over to this post if you need to know how to cut HTV on the iCraft. Don’t forget to mirror your image and text before cutting!

Faux bakery business logo design in Sure Cuts A Lot

I used the Heat Transfer pre-set in Sure Cuts A Lot to cut EasyWeed™ and EasyWeed™ Electric.

The GCC iCraft cutting light pink EasyWeed™ Electric

Light Pink EasyWeed™ Electric almost perfectly matches the pink GCC iCraft!

When the cutter is finished grab your Siser Weeder and remove the cavities of your letters first. Sometimes if you weed the outside first and the cavities second you can experience more lifting during the weeding process. This is why it’s best to weed out the HTV inside letters first.

Weed the insides of letters with the Siser Weeder

Weeding the cavities

Weed away the outside heat transfer vinyl

Weeding the outer HTV







After each piece is weeded you can head over to your heat press for application. You don’t have to use a heat press for this project. It could also be done with a home iron! Check out this video to learn how to properly iron on Siser HTV.

To heat press EasyWeed and EasyWeed Electric set your temperature to 305°F. Next, adjust your pressure so that you’re using a medium amount of force. Keep in mind that your pressure will be higher when you use a heat transfer pillow so you may have to adjust your pressure to the lighter side. I’ve mentioned heat transfer pillows many times before because they help you get the best possible press by creating a smooth even surface elevated above stitching.

The 5″ x 18″ pillow fit best into the middle pocket of my apron. If your heat transfer pillow doesn’t fit the pocket you can always cut up some cheap mouse pads and layer them inside of the pocket. This also works to create a flat surface above any seams that could cause improper pressure.


Insert a heat transfer pillow into the center apron pocket

Your first press should always be a pre press free of HTV. Cover the undecorated apron with a heat transfer cover sheet and press for a few seconds. A pre-press removes any wrinkles or moisture in the fabric for the best application area. Now the apron is ready for decorating!

First I set down my base layers (business name and cupcake wrapper), covered them with the protective sheet and pressed for 2 seconds. I peeled the carriers immediately after and laid down my next transfer. Each layer was only pressed for a couple of seconds. The best way to layer heat transfer vinyl is with short presses.

Additionally, try to remove the carriers as quickly as possible after pressing when layering. The carrier can leave an impression in any previously applied HTV layers. To prevent this make sure to trim the carrier closely to the HTV. If you do end up with a carrier impression you can cover the design and press for a few seconds which usually removes any lingering marks.

Heat pressing tan EasyWeed and light pink EasyWeed™ Electric

1st Press – Tan EasyWeed and Light Pink EasyWeed Electric

EasyWeed Electric carrier peeled immediately after pressing

Peel the clear carrier while it’s hot








Heat pressing cherry EasyWeed Electric

2nd Press- Cherry EasyWeed Electric

Heat pressing red EasyWeed Electric

3rd Press- Red EasyWeed™Electric







I love how this apron turned out! The only thing I wish is that the cupcake was real because it looks delicious!

Custom heat transfer vinyl business logo apron

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Add your business name, logo, phone number, etc to half aprons for a custom look that sets you apart. It's simple to do with a heat press and HTV! Click here to learn more.

You’ll definitely want to save this one since it includes a free cut file! Click here to download the cupcake cut files. This cute Valentine’s Day raglan t-shirt came together in a jiffy using the cupcake cut file!

Cupcake raglan Valentine's Day shirt

EasyWeed™ Electric red, light pink, and yellow make a yummy Valentine’s Day t-shirt!