Make Your Own DIY Black Cat Glow In the Dark T-shirt

 Create this cute black cat that glows in the dark with the FREE cut file included in this post! Siser EasyWeed™ Glow works with all craft cutters, like Cricut and Silhouette. Try it out this Halloween!
Create glowing, custom designs with EasyWeed™ Glow and a home iron! It's so simple and perfect for Halloween. Check out our black cat project with the free cut file to create your own!

It’s the spookiest time of the year! So I’m sharing a purrrfect project for those who like their spooky with a side of cute. I’ve never been one for the horror and gore of Halloween. I’d rather laugh than scream, and this glow cat shirt definitely makes me smile. I’ll show you how to make the grinning, glowing cat t-shirt and then you can download the free artwork at the end of this post to start making yours!

Start by cutting out your EasyWeed™ Glow with your vinyl cutter. EasyWeed Glow is very similar to other members of the EasyWeed family, therefore it’s cut settings will probably be similar. However, it’s best to do a test cut to be sure. I used our Cricut Explore Air for this project and cut the material with “Vinyl +” on the dial. This post has everything beginners need to know about cutting Siser HTV on a Cricut cutting machine including a free test cut file.

When the cutter is finished, unload the cutting mat and weed the extra HTV out of your design.

Weeding excess HTV with the Siser Weeder

When you’ve weeded everything and you’re left with pieces of a cat face, then you can move on to heat application!

Set your iron to the “Cotton” setting and let it fully heat up. Place your t-shirt on a hard, flat surface. This will allow you to put the necessary pressure on the transfer. When your iron is hot, pre-iron the area you’ll be applying EasyWeed Glow to.

Pre ironing the application area

Place the EasyWeed Glow pieces with the shiny side face up and the sticky side face down. Cover the area with a heat transfer cover sheet (a clean cloth or parchment paper works as well) and press each transfer for 15 seconds. Do not slide the iron. Sliding the iron could slide your transfers, ultimately ruining your alignment and giving you a wonky looking shirt. Instead lift and press the iron firmly over each piece of EasyWeed Glow.

Place a cover sheet over the EasyWeed Glow piecesPress iron firmly on the EasyWeed Glow pieces







Now you can peel the clear carrier sheets! If any of the heat transfer vinyl lifts when you peel the carrier sheet replace the sheet and press for an additional 5 seconds.

Peel clear carrier sheet from ironed EasyWeed™ Glow

Day or night, this black cat shirt is super cute and fun! Check out that glow!EasyWeed Glow lights up this cute black cat in the dark

Lily wearing the DIY black cat glow in the dark t-shirt

This clawsome shirt is perfect for hay rides and haunted houses! It could even be a last minute Halloween costume in a pinch. Download the cat face files here to get you started!

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