DIY EasyWeed® & EasyPatterns® Popsicles Tote Bag

It might be August, but I’m still holding on to those sweet summer days! There’s not much better on a hot day than to cool down with a treat, and this EasyPatterns popsicle tote bag is the perfect accessory for the next time you run out for a cold one.

popsicle cut file in Circut Design Space

Use the Slice tool to edit the popsicle cut file.

Begin designing your popsicles with these free cut files from Hey Let’s Make Stuff. After downloading the .svg you can upload it to your editing software. In this case I’m using Cricut Design Space. If I used only EasyWeed   for this tote bag I could get away with leaving the artwork as is, but because I’m using EasyPatterns I’ll have to use the knock out method like we do when layering Glitter HTV. This way the EasyPatterns pieces are adhered directly to the fabric and not layered on top of the EasyWeed. Using this method results in the best washing longevity!

When you have your popsicles colored, you can click Make It and Design Space will sort each color onto it’s own cutting mat. Remember that EasyPatterns are always cut with the pattern side down. The shiny side has the clear carrier and always goes face down on the cutting mat no matter the type of heat transfer vinyl. Load the mat into the cutter, select the flashing button, cut your popsicle pieces, and repeat! I was so excited to mix and match the colors and patterns that I cut a few extra just to play around with until I found the best combinations.

Place the carrier side down on sticky cutting mat

After all the pieces are cut, trim closely around them and use the Siser Weeder to hook and peel away excess material.

weeding EasyPatterns is hassle free with the Siser Weeder

Now comes the heat applying process! If this is your first time using an iron with HTV, check out this video full of useful tips.

Guys, I’m not gonna lie, laying out and ironing on all these pieces took me a decent amount of time. I definitely could have cut back on time with a heat press, but I wanted to show that even if you just have a home iron, you’re capable of crafting with EasyPatterns too! Thanks to the pressure sensitive (sticky) carrier it was easy to piece together my popsicles in order to mock up the final result. This way I know everything is going to be spaced correctly. After eyeballing the placements, I peeled away the majority of the sweet treats, leaving behind just their sticks.

The sticky carrier lets you piece HTV together like a puzzle

The sticky carrier lets you piece HTV together like a puzzle to get an idea of how the finished item will look.

layer 1 tan EasyWeed popsicle sticks










Cover the area with parchment paper, and with your iron on the Cotton setting, press each stick for just a few seconds. Basically, when layering with a home iron you want to press just long enough to be able to peel the carrier and not have any HTV stick to it. I find 5-10 seconds is typically sufficient.

EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is a hot peel

EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is a hot peel!

with a cover sheet on top press the iron firmly for 5-10 seconds







Often when using an iron to layer, the carrier is able to be removed, but there’s still a bit of HTV that didn’t bond to the fabric. That’s ok! Since there are more layers (and therefore presses) to come, the loose bit will get applied with the next layer. Just be careful to keep the loose HTV in position. A cover sheet is necessary for layering and will help anchor the wayward piece.

However, if you’re finding that none of the heat transfer vinyl is sticking and you’ve pressed long enough with sufficient heat, then most likely you’re not applying enough pressure. Applying firm, even pressure is super important to getting a good bond. Check out this blog post for more information on pressure.

Partially heat applied light pink EasyWeed HTV without a carrier

While the carrier was easily removed, a bit of the HTV on the edge is not applied. Not to worry, the heat from the presses to follow will fully bond it.


After the popsicle sticks are pressed, lay down the second color and repeat the heat applying process used for the first layer.

Building popsicles layer by layer with EasyWeed and EasyPatterns

Layer, press, and peel the second layer of heat transfer vinyl

While the majority of the HTV should touch the fabric, it’s ok for the colors to overlap slightly.









Color 3 completes a few of the popsicles, but some still need a fourth to finish them off.

EasyPatterns are a hot or cold peel

EasyPatterns are a hot peel!

The third layer of colors after being ironed on










Use the final press to firmly adhere any loose HTV along with the final color.


pink polka dot EasyPatterns sandwiched between yellow and pink EasyWeed

Press firmly in sections, without sliding, to apply HTV evenly









Mixed, matched, or paired with a solid color EasyPatterns looks good enough to eat! Which color combo is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

EasyPatterns™ are the easiest patterned heat transfer vinyl to cut, weed, and heat apply. Use your home iron or heat press to make a DIY tote bag that's as sweet as the patterns themselves!