Heat Press EasyWeed to a Clothespin for Easy Organization

Recently, my electric dryer was laid to rest and we had about a week where we had to do laundry outside our home until we could replace it. I found myself wishing for a warmer climate where my dryer going kaput wouldn’t stop me from doing laundry. In the summer I often hang clothes to dry on the clothesline, but if I would attempt that now, I’d create frozen garment-cicles. This clothespin DIY will help me out in a few months, however many of our readers are lucky enough to live in more southerly regions and can utilize this tutorial now.

Step 1: Cut Your HTV to Size

The first step to creating custom clothespins is measuring the area you’ll be pressing on. My clothespin is .5″ wide, so I chose a simple font that can be cut that small. See how tiny it appears on the Brother ScanNCut touch screen? Check out this blog post to discover your cut settings on the Brother ScanNCut 2.

Creating a cut file for clothespins on the Brother ScanNCut 2Cutting EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl on the Brother ScanNCut2






Step 2: Weed Your HTV

Trim around the cut heat transfer vinyl so you’re only working with a small piece. Then use your Siser Weeder to remove the unnecessary HTV.

Using the Siser Weeder to weed EasyWeed HTV

Don’t forget to mirror your text before cutting the HTV!

Step 3: Heat Press Clothespin

EasyWeed calls for 305°F on your heat press. When the press is hot place the clothespin with the HTV on the edge of the lower platen. EasyWeed has a pressure sensitive carrier so as long as you press the clear carrier down firmly it shouldn’t slip or slide when you put the heat transfer cover sheet on top. Use one hand to lower the handle on the upper platen and the other to pinch the end of the clothespin that’s sticking out of the press. Without you holding the bottom of the clothespin the upper platen will cause the clothespin jaws to open and will prevent you from getting proper pressure to adhere the HTV. Press for 10-15 seconds and remove the carrier sheet.

Set clothespin on heat press lower platen with edge hanging offCover clothespin and press for 10-15 seconds






Step 4: Hang it Up

As someone who’s been a camp counselor in the past, these clothespins would be an organizing miracle! Without fail, every year there are items left on the communal clotheslines that no cabin will claim. Giving each cabin their own custom clothespins would clear up most of the confusion. Sending your child to camp with their own personalized clothespins would help put an end to those left behind clothesline items for good.

DIY custom clothespins holding up a washcloth

Looking for other ways to help keep track of your kids items? Try putting their names on towels or pillow cases!