Step 3: Cut EasySubli with the Silhouette Cameo 3

1. Position EaySubli on the cutting mat. The black square registration mark should be in the top left corner. This is the first mark the optical eye will read when the mat is loaded into the cutter.

Place printed EasySubli on Silhouette cutting mat

2. Load the cutting mat into the Silhouette as usual. The optical eye is located under the blade carriage (indicated by red arrow) and can be seen as a red light reading the registration marks if you look from a low side angle. Because the machine reads the marks first, ensure you have plenty of space in the front and back of the Cameo so the mat can feed back and forth without disruption. I like to pull out the extra mat supports for added stability.

The optical eye reads registration marks prior to cutting

3. Select “Send” in Silhouette Studio when you’re ready to get cutting. On this screen, you can adjust and test your cut settings. A test cut is always recommended, but it’s especially important if you’ve been using the same blade for a while and it’s gotten dull or if you’re using a brand new blade that’s very sharp. In these cases, it’s likely you’ll have to stray from our recommended settings. Check out this post for instructions on test cutting and how to determine a good cut and setting.

EasySubli heat transfer vinyl cut settings in Silhouette Studio

4. Click the big blue “Send” button at the bottom to let the optical eye and blade get to work!

Step 4: Weed and Mask EasySubli HTV

1. Use a weeding tool to separate a corner of the EasySubli HTV from the static backing. Weed carefully because the static backing is not sticky like an EasyWeed® carrier! After removing the outer excess, pick out the inner cavities.

Weeding excess EasySubli HTV with a Siser Weeder Weeding the inner cavities from EasySubli HTV

2. Grab a sheet of EasySubli Mask and separate it from it’s backing. EasySubli Mask is different than TTD Masks and cannot be used interchangeably.

Separating EasySubli Mask from the aerated backing

There’s several methods to masking and you can do whatever feels most natural to you. Some prefer to lay the mask on top of the HTV and others prefer to lay the HTV on to the mask. Some like to start from the center and some like to start from an edge. All up to you!

Laying EasySubli Mask on top of printed EasySubli heat transfer vinyl Squeegeeing EasySubli Mask on to EasySubli HTV

3. Apply firm pressure with a squeegee to bond the heat transfer vinyl to the Mask so the static backing can be removed. If you want to save the design for later, re-stick it to the EasySubli Mask liner. We recommend applying EasySubli HTV within 24 hours of printing.

Remove EasySubli's static backing and leave all pieces of EasySubli on the mask

If you’re not storing your transfers for later, then EasySubli HTV is ready for heat application.

Step 5: Apply EasySubli with a Heat Press

1. Lay your garment on the heat press, using a heat transfer pillow if necessary.  Afterwards, center EasySubli about 2-3 fingers down from the neck seam.

Set up the black polyester/viscose blend tank top on the heat press

2. Cover everything with parchment paper. This step is especially important if you’re not using EasySubli Mask. Since EasySubli uses sublimation inks, they will still go through the process of turning into a gas and coming back to a solid. This process sometimes results in a light ghost image transferred to the Mask. Parchment paper is a cost effective way to block the ghost image from transferring to your upper platen or heat transfer cover sheet (and every project thereafter…)

Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of EasySubli HTV and Mask

3. Heat Press EasySubli for 15 seconds at 311°F with medium pressure. That’s at least 50°F cooler than other dye-sub transfers!

Heat Press EasySubli heat transfer vinyl for 15 seconds with medium pressure at 311°F

4. Peel EasySubli Mask warm if it’s there. Otherwise, your newly sublimated polyester/viscose tank top is ready to wear!

Peel EasySubli Mask warm

5. For long lasting color and quality:

  • Wait 24 hours before first laundering
  • Turn garment inside out
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent
  • Machine dry on a low heat setting
  • Do not dry clean or use bleach

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that color development one more time… wow!

EasySubli HTV printed with EasySubli Inks by Sawgrass after heat application EasySubli HTV printed with Siser EasySubli Inks by Sawgrass prior to heat application

Questions, comments, concerns? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments down below!

For those who learn better from videos, we’ve got you covered! Click here to watch EasySubli in action.

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Limiting sublimation to light polyester is a thing of the past! NEW Siser EasySubli HTV and Siser EasySubli Inks by Sawgrass make decorating colored polyester and cotton blends a possibility!