DIY Nylon Laundry Bag Organization with EasyWeed™ Extra

It’s been said that life is short, but laundry is eternal. I wish today’s organizing hack magically shrunk the “to wash” pile (if you have that tutorial please comment it), but the best I can do is sort and hide the mess in pretty bags.

nylon laundry bag with EasyWeed Extra HTV

For this project I’m using nylon laundry bags, so I’ll need EasyWeed Extra. If you’re working with an iron, this project could be done with a cotton laundry bag and EasyWeed. The reason I don’t suggest using an iron on nylon can be found here. 

To create the labels for the bags, choose your favorite font and type out, “Lights,” “Darks,” and “Colors.” I chose these three because that’s typically how my laundry gets sorted. You could put “Undergarments,” “Dress Clothes,” and “Casuals” if that’s more suitable. The great thing about heat transfer vinyl is you can completely customize it for YOU.

However, when I typed out my words, the letters of my script font are separated instead of linked together like I want. So I edited them in the new Cricut Design Space. Technically this is still a beta version, so if you experience any bugs be sure to report them, so they can keep improving the software.

The biggest difference cosmetically so far is the updated layout (additional changes listed here.) It took me an extra moment to find the tools, so they’re in red boxes in the image below to help you out for future projects. Ultimately, I like how the tool bar has moved from the side of the screen to the top. How do you feel about Design Space Beta? Tell me in the comments!

how to ungroup and weld in Cricut Design Space beta

Instead of clicking “Go” to send the design to your Cricut, now you’ll click “Make It” in the upper left corner. Then you’re directed to the screen below where you’ll set up your mat before cutting. The option to mirror the image for iron-on is still available, but instead of a check box on the left side of the screen, you’ll select a slider on the right.

How to mirror image in Cricut Design Space beta

EasyWeed Extra can be cut on the Iron-On setting. When the Cricut is finished, unload the cutting mat and weed away the extra HTV using the Siser Weeder.

Weeding vegas gold EasyWeed Extra heat transfer vinyl

While you’re weeding, heat up your press to 305°F. If you keep up with the blog frequently, then you might be thinking- Wait, Lily! Last time we applied on Nylon at 280°FAnd you’re right, but after a test press was performed on these laundry bags, and no scorching or melting occurred, they got the go ahead to be applied at the standard temperature. Nylon can be a heat sensitive material so it’s always best to test press it.

Set up the laundry bags on the heat press so the drawstring hangs off the lower platen. Use a ruler to ensure the labels are centered on the bags. Then place a heat transfer cover sheet on top and press for 15 seconds.

Use a cover sheet on top of HTV for all presses

Measure nylon bags to align HTV










The clear carrier on EasyWeed Extra can be peeled hot or cold. I opted for a hot peel.

EasyWeed Extra's carrier can be peeled hot or cold

Repeat the process for the other two bags and you’re all done. Now you can organize laundry as it gets worn, so when it comes to washing day you have 1 less step to complete!

Sorting your laundry has never been so pretty! Keep unsightly laundry piles hidden and organized with this DIY laundry bag organization craft. Perfect for kids and college students!

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