DIY Key Holder with EasyWeed® Heat Transfer Vinyl

Wood, paint, and HTV? Is it possible to combine them all? Today we put your crafting questions to the ultimate test!

wood plaque and acrylic paint

While there’s been several successful attempts heat applying HTV to stained wood and raw wood, what about painted wood? To discover the answer I picked up this wood plaque at a craft store, and used some acrylic paint I had on hand thanks to Darice and the awesome Craftcation 2017 swag bags.

Two coats of paint later and the light wood is now a shade of lime. When the paint is fully dry (I waited 24 hours just to be sure) it’s ready for your iron and some heat transfer vinyl!

Painted wood plaque with acrylic paint

An iron is actually the perfect tool for this project, since thick wood may keep the platens of my heat press from closing fully. Set your iron to “Cotton” and grab something to use as a cover sheet. Since heat on paint can have unexpected results, it’s best to use a cover sheet to protect your iron from any accidental gunk. I’m using a piece of parchment paper, but a clean pillowcase or tea towel will work as well.

Supplies for ironing HTV to painted wood

When you have the necessary tools, place the HTV on the wood so that the clear carrier faces up. I’m using black EasyWeed HTV for this DIY key holder, so you could use any member of the EasyWeed family, or even StripFlock® or Glitter!

Place shiny side up and sticky side down for heat application

Place the cover sheet over the application area and press each section of the design for 5 seconds. Short presses are best on painted wood as they prevent possible discoloring.

how to iron heat transfer vinyl to painted wood

After the first press, peel the carrier hot. Replace the cover sheet and iron for an additional 5 seconds to seal the vinyl.

EasyWeed HTV is a hot peel

Since EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is super thin, the texture of the wood grain may show through the face of the vinyl.

The wood grain texture is visible through thin EasyWeed

Add cup hooks to finish of this DIY key holder for him, her, and the pooch!

screw in cup hooks to painted wood plaque

Use cup hooks to make a DIY key holder






So, can you iron Siser heat transfer vinyl to painted wood?

Yes! However, keep in mind this was just one test. Other varieties and colors of paint may react differently under the heat, so you’ll want to take that into account when choosing your materials. Even better, get 2 of everything when trying out experimental crafts like this one. That way if things go south, you have a second chance!

Ready to give this painted wood key holder a chance? Or maybe you want to save this craft to Pinterest for a rainy day. Whatever you decide to make with Siser HTV, be sure to tag it with #SiserNA and we might give you a shout out!

Iron On Vinyl on painted wood?! It can be done! Get the scoop on how to heat apply EasyWeed HTV to a painted wood plaque to make an adorable key ring holder for him, her, and your pet!