Laptop showing Leonardo Pro software next to a Juliet Cutter

Leonardo™ Design Studio is and will remain free to use and will continue to be updated regularly. If you're looking for a more powerful toolset, we also offer Leonardo Pro! Leonardo Pro is a monthly or yearly subscription model (based on your preference), that adds tons of professional-level tools that help take your designs to the next level!

Leonardo™ Basic vs. Pro Features Comparison

 Basic & Pro Features Basic Pro
 Alignment ToolsCheckboxCheckbox
 Arrange ToolsCheckboxCheckbox
 Area TestCheckboxCheckbox
 Basic Shapes CreationCheckboxCheckbox
 Boolean Operations - Intersect, Punch OutCheckboxCheckbox
 Color PickerCheckboxCheckbox
 Design Library - 4,375 Basic DesignsCheckboxCheckbox
 Edit CurvesCheckboxCheckbox
 Fill/Stroke AdjustmentCheckboxCheckbox
 Glyphs PanelCheckboxCheckbox
 Import JPG, PNG, SVG, TIFCheckboxCheckbox
 Layers PanelCheckboxCheckbox
 Make/Release Compound PathCheckboxCheckbox
 Material LibraryCheckboxCheckbox
 Mirror - HorizontalCheckboxCheckbox
 Mirror - VerticalCheckboxCheckbox
 Offline ModeCheckboxCheckbox
 Pen ToolCheckboxCheckbox
 Project GuidesCheckboxCheckbox
 Sketch ToolCheckboxCheckbox
 Video TutorialsCheckboxCheckbox
 Weed BoxesCheckboxCheckbox
 Basic & Pro Features Basic Pro
 Boolean Operations Checkbox
 Conical Warp Checkbox
 Eraser Brush Checkbox
 Knife Tool Checkbox
 Design Library - 1,554 Premium Designs Checkbox
 Export JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, TIF Checkbox
 Job Notes/Statistics Checkbox
 Hole Remover Checkbox
 Rotated Array Checkbox
 Slice Brush Checkbox
 Tile Array Checkbox
 Text on Curve Checkbox
 Text on Arc Checkbox
 Text on Path Checkbox
 Vector Brush Checkbox
 Custom Polygon & Star Checkbox
 Rounded Rectangle Checkbox
 Color Layer Weld Checkbox
 Warp Tools - Mesh, Flag, Globe, Tube, Circle, 3D Checkbox

Compatible with Windows® 8.1 and higher and MacOS® 10.15 and higher

Please note there is currently an issue in MacOS Sonoma that is causing a display issue in many apps. We’re working on a fix for this with regards to Leonardo™ Design Studio. As a workaround, you can adjust your display resolution (we recommend 2304×1440)