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Create Like an Innovator… For Free!

A powerful cutter requires powerful software. The Free Leonardo™ Design Studio was developed to take full advantage of Romeo® and Juliet®’s capabilities. Access the ever-expanding design library for hundreds of pre-made design files that can be instantly sent to Romeo or Juliet and cut using our preset cut settings! With an intuitive design and advanced features, Leonardo Design Studio is adaptable to be as simple or advanced as you need it to be.


Compatible with Windows® 8.1 and higher and MacOS® 10.15 and higher

Please note there is currently an issue in MacOS Sonoma that is causing a display issue in many apps. We’re working on a fix for this with regards to Leonardo™ Design Studio. As a workaround, you can adjust your display resolution (we recommend 2304×1440)

Leonardo Design Library

A Design Library for All Skill Levels.

You don’t have to be an expert designer to cut with Romeo® or Juliet®! Leonardo™ Design Studio comes pre-loaded with hundreds of royalty free cut files so not only can you whip up a quick birthday present for a friend, but also stock your shop with custom items that abide by copyright rules. Choose from categories like Animals, Cars, Food & Drink and so much more! New artwork is constantly being added so you can keep coming back for more!

Find Inspiration in Your Next Project.

If you’re in a design rut, we’ve got your back! Discover all kinds of cool caps, stylish sweatshirts, and totally terrific t-shirts that are sure to spark your creativity and keep you moving in the right direction. Search by apparel, holiday, or season depending on your needs to see what inspires you! Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with something you see and decide to make just that- luckily all the cut files from here are available in the Design Library for you to use to your heart’s content!

Leonardo Design Library

Leonardo Design Library

Powerful Design at Your Fingertips.

At the core of Leonardo™ Design Studio is our powerful designer that enables you to create to your heart’s content. Pull in artwork from the Design Library, import clipart from other packages, or create are directly on the art board. Leonardo is built to fit the way you work and to grow with you. If you’re a beginner, the interface is simple enough to get you started. If you’re more advanced, you’ll find tools and processes that are familiar in higher end design packages. Create without limits in Leonardo Design Studio!

Leonardo™ Design Studio is and will remain free to use and will continue to be updated regularly. If you're looking for a more powerful toolset, we also offer Leonardo Pro! Leonardo Pro is a monthly or yearly subscription model (based on your preference), that adds tons of professional-level tools that help take your designs to the next level!

Leonardo™ Basic vs. Pro Features Comparison

 Basic & Pro Features  Basic  Pro
 Alignment Tools Checkbox Checkbox
 Arrange Tools Checkbox Checkbox
 Area Test Checkbox Checkbox
 Basic Shapes Creation Checkbox Checkbox
 Boolean Operations - Intersect, Punch Out Checkbox Checkbox
 Color Picker Checkbox Checkbox
 CustomFonts Checkbox Checkbox
 Design Library - 4,375 Basic Designs Checkbox Checkbox
 Duplicate Checkbox Checkbox
 Edit Curves Checkbox Checkbox
 Fill/Stroke Adjustment Checkbox Checkbox
 Glyphs Panel Checkbox Checkbox
 Group/Ungroup Checkbox Checkbox
 Import JPG, PNG, SVG, TIF Checkbox Checkbox
 Layers Panel Checkbox Checkbox
 Make/Release Compound Path Checkbox Checkbox
 Material Library Checkbox Checkbox
 Mirror - Horizontal Checkbox Checkbox
 Mirror - Vertical Checkbox Checkbox
 Offline Mode Checkbox Checkbox
 Pen Tool Checkbox Checkbox
 Project Guides Checkbox Checkbox
 Rotate Checkbox Checkbox
 Rulers/Guides Checkbox Checkbox
 Sketch Tool Checkbox Checkbox
 Video Tutorials Checkbox Checkbox
 Weed Boxes Checkbox Checkbox
 Weld Checkbox Checkbox
 Basic & Pro Features  Basic  Pro
 Boolean Operations   Checkbox
 Conical Warp   Checkbox
 Eraser Brush   Checkbox
 Knife Tool   Checkbox
 Design Library - 1,554 Premium Designs   Checkbox
 Export JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, TIF   Checkbox
 Job Notes/Statistics   Checkbox
 Hole Remover   Checkbox
 Rotated Array   Checkbox
 Slice Brush   Checkbox
 Tile Array   Checkbox
 Text on Curve   Checkbox
 Text on Arc   Checkbox
 Text on Path   Checkbox
 Vector Brush   Checkbox
 Custom Polygon & Star   Checkbox
 Rounded Rectangle   Checkbox
 Color Layer Weld   Checkbox
 Warp Tools - Mesh, Flag, Globe, Tube, Circle, 3D   Checkbox

Leonardo is built to fit the way you work

Leonardo Design Tools