Team Building Field Trip on Typography & Branding

HTV decorators know designing the cut file can be the hardest part of the whole process. If you’ve ever agonized over this font or that font- you’re not alone! Those of us in the Marketing department know exactly how you feel. When you’re feeling stumped, sometimes all you need is some fresh inspiration…or in the case of House Industries, some familiar inspiration.

Last Friday, the Marketing team got away from the office to explore the House Industries exhibit at the Henry Ford in hopes of sparking new design ideas. House Industries is best known for their custom fonts, but their unique creative processes have led to so much more.

House: A Type of Learning exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum

You may recognize some of House Industries’ work…

House Industries real life examples of typography

Hello? It’s me…

Jimmy Kimmel live neon sign by House Industries








Even some of House Industries’ design tools are familiar to decorators!

A glue gun is used to build 3-D models of delivery vans

A glue gun is used to build 3-D models of delivery vans.

screen printing set up for posters and sack cloth towels

House Industries’ screen printing set up.










A wall of House t-shirts, hats, and bags caught our attention, since we know all about those!

House Industries branded t-shirts, hats, and bags

House doesn’t just believe you can get inspired from side hobbies and interests, such as skateboarding and detail painting. They believe those activities are crucial to creating your unique design perspective. Building on past experiences and current passions gives you a point of view that no one else could replicate. This left us to consider our own passions and how we can translate design elements from them.

Skateboard and punk inspiration auto detailing and painting inspiration

It may not be a hobby, but personally I know if you draw an animal and give it human accessories, I’m going to like it. And House Industries did not disappoint!

Uncle Goose blocks by House Industries

How cute is Uncle Goose in his bow tie and top hat?!

House 33 fox display

Suave, yet still adorable is the House fox in a bow tie, monocle, and top hat.










Throughout the exhibit, we all found something we could relate to. The one thing we all agreed on though, was we need to recreate this lounge space ASAP.

House Industries lounge space

It was truly amazing to see House’s muses and how part of one project translates into another to create a cohesive, yet broad line of products. From original computer fonts to a line of ceramics, House Industries just goes to show there’s nothing you can’t create with some fresh familiar inspiration.

House Industries ceramic pitchers, mugs, and more flyer fonts for old computers and printers

We left the exhibit with a spring in our step and heads filled with new ideas to contemplate. It’s nice knowing that even if you have all sorts of styles, like our marketing team, everything can contribute to an overall pleasing aesthetic.

Siser North America marketing team at the Henry Ford museum

(from left to right) Chris, Lily, Keith, and Austin enjoying House Industries at the Henry Ford.

So next time you’re stuck in a design rut, take a look around for what really gets you excited. You’re next big inspiration may be closer than you think!