Matching Shirts: StripFlock and EasyWeed

Weeding season…. I mean wedding season is upon us! Weddings have never been more unique. Every year, couples get more and more innovative with how they celebrate their special day, crafting their wedding into a personal party! Siser heat transfer vinyl has a color and a finish to match your color palette or theme. Custom bridal party shirts, monogrammed favors, and table runners with personalized quotes and designs are sure to be this seasons biggest weeding trends!

Speaking of trends, yellow and grey have always been a popular choice for wedding colors. Trusted wedding resource, The Knot, suggests adding “artichoke” to the palette this summer for a vibrant spin on this classic color combo. Check out the rest of The Knot’s new wedding color combinations at 10 New Color Combos You’ll Love.

To start these matching couple shirts I knew I wanted to use heat transfer vinyl in colors closest to The Knot’s canary and artichoke color combination. Similar shades were found in Lemon StripFlock and Green EasyWeed. I created the text along with some small shape embellishments in Silhouette Studio. The “Fill Color” editing tool is great for visualizing the final product.

Designing Mr. Right text and bow tie and heart decal in Silhouette StudioCreating Mrs. Always Right text and bow and heart decorations in Silhouette Studio






Once I had all my pieces created I separated them on to two boards: one for Yellow StripFlock and the other for Green EasyWeed. This way I could cut all my pieces at one time.

Cut Settings for StripFlock text in Silhouette Studio

I Cut StripFlock on the “Heat Transfer Material Flocked” setting with the blade set at 4, Speed set at 5, and Thickness at 33.

Cut settings for EasyWeed™ text, heart, and bow embellishments in Silhouette Studio.

I cut EasyWeed with the blade at 2, the Speed at 7, and the Thickness at 5.

Mirrored image of all text to be cut in Siser StripFlock lemon in Silhouette Studio







Don’t forget to mirror your image before cutting! I mirrored the image by going to the “Replicate Window”, select the images to mirror, and then click “Mirror Right.” Delete the original copy and keep the reversed one for cutting.

When you place heat transfer materials on a cutting mat for a craft cutter like the Silhouette Cameo, the shiny side of the material goes face down.

Silhouette Cameo cutting Siser Strip Flock heat transfer vinyl

StripFlock has a white backing. EasyWeed’s backing is recognizable because it has a matte finish.

Weeding EasyWeed Green for matching his and hers couple tshirts.

The matte side of green EasyWeed with the cavities weeded.

Weeding Lemon StripFlock for matching his and hers couple tshirts

StripFlock’s white backing hides bright lemon yellow beneath!

Weed the insides of the letters before peeling the outside excess.

Weeded Siser HTV StripFlock and EasyWeed text and undecorated tshirts

After weeding all my pieces I grab my dark grey men’s tshirt and women’s tank top and take everything over to the heat press.

When heat applying StripFlock set the temperature to 320°F.

First and foremost, pre-press your garments for 2-3 seconds to create a moisture and wrinkle free surface. Arrange the StripFlock, then put a heat transfer cover sheet over the design, protecting your heat press, your shirt, and the heat transfer vinyl.

StripFlock should be pressed for about 10-15 seconds. I’ll lower the heat press temperature to 305°F for EasyWeed while I wait for the material to cool so I can peel the carrier sheet. When the StripFlock is cool, peel the carrier sheet and set up the EasyWeed pieces.

Using Siser StripFlock, EasyWeed, and a heat press to make matching couple shirts

The bow tie and heart are EasyWeed™ pieces, but they don’t overlap on the StripFlock for the “Mr.Right” design, so I’ll press them like normal EasyWeed.

Siser materials, StripFlock and EasyWeed applied to a couple tank top using a heat press.

Because the EasyWeed hair bow and “Always” text overlap on the StripFlock, I’ll do a 5 second tack, peel the carrier sheet hot, and then heat apply again for the full time.

Layering materials is so easy with EasyWeed because of the 5 second tack! Tacking my materials allows me to peel up the carrier sheet before it creates any lines in the StripFlock. Just remember to cover your shirt with a heat transfer cover shirt before pressing again for 10-15 seconds.

The couple is complete!

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right matching couple garments made using Siser heat transfer vinyls

These garments would be great gifts for an engaged couple, newlyweds, or anyone who’s said the big “I do!” Or completely customize this project to match your weddings fonts, colors, and materials. The wedding possibilities are endless with Siser heat transfer vinyls!


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