DIY Patched Jeans with Siser® Heat Tranfer Vinyl

There’s nothing worse than ruining your favorite pair of jeans. You know the cute ones that hug you just right, are comfy all day, and have a flattering finish that compliments your style. The very same pair that you managed to rip the other day- ugh! Good jeans can be hard to come by and when you find a style or brand that works for you it’s devastating when they get worn down and rip. Don’t toss those torn jeans in the trash, instead patch them with Siser HTV!

Torn jeans that need patchingThis pair of kids jeans ripped along the waistband, but are easily mendable with EasyWeed® and Glitter heat transfer vinyl.


Step 1: Measure Tear

To begin fixing your jeans with an HTV patch, start by measuring the tear. This rip is 2.5″ long, so I’ll keep my patches about 3″ long to cover the entire hole plus a little around the edges.


Step 2: Trim Area

Prep your jeans for the HTV patch by trimming away the shredded threads.

Trimming the shredded threads on the ripped jeans

The jean hole after the shredded threads are removed







Step 3: Patch Inside

First patch the tear from inside the garment with a piece of EasyWeed cut to size. To heat apply the HTV patch I’m using the Cap Heat Press because the curved platen helps me isolate the waistband application area. On top of the platen I’ve placed a 6″ x 8″ heat transfer pillow that will allow the seams and belt loop to sink into the pillow and not disrupt the press.

A cap press or regular heat press will give me the best application results, but this project is still possible with a home iron! Check out this video for ironing tips and make sure to use a heat transfer pillow for proper pressure.

Siser Digital Cap Press with 6"x8" heat transfer pillow

I pressed the EasyWeed patch for 15 seconds at 320°F and peeled the clear carrier sheet away.

Peeling the clear carrier from the EasyWeed™ HTV patchThe HTV patch sealed the ripped jeans from the inside






The tear is pretty much all sealed at this point besides the fringe on the outside. If you’re planning on wearing a belt that covers the outside area anyway, I’d say your done! To cover up the fringe you can always add a second patch.

Step 4 (optional): Patch Outside

Jean rip mended with EasyWeed HTV patchTorn hole in jeans sealed from the inside with an HTV patch






Since these are kids jeans some sparkly stars are appropriate. I cut out a little bunch of stars with our Brother ScanNCut2 and weeded the outside vinyl away before applying the HTV patch. I applied the Light Multi color Glitter for 15 seconds at 320°F.

Glitter HTV patch used to hide outside threads from ripped jeans

Applying the Glitter HTV patch to the outside of the jeans







Step 5: Wash and Wear!

To help your patch last as long as possible make sure to wash it in warm-cool water with a mild detergent and dry on a low-normal heat setting or hang to dry. If applied properly EasyWeed and Glitter will last beyond 50 washes!


Step 6: Save This DIY Hack For Later

Save this image to Pinterest, so you can DIY your own HTV patch later!

Patch Jeans with this easy DIY. Create an HTV patch from EasyWeed and Glitter heat transfer vinyl to mend ripped jeans.