Glittering gold tote bag for Mother’s Day

It’s no secret that “mom” isn’t the most glamorous career choice. That’s why moms deserve a little glitz and glamour on mother’s day! With over ten types of gold heat transfer vinyl to choose from Siser has a shade that will enrich any project!

For this tote bag alone I used five different golds!


From left to right is Glitter Black Gold, Gold, Gold Confetti, Old Gold, and VideoFlex Glitter Gold.

For this mama bear and cubs design I edited several images in Adobe Illustrator and then brought each image into Cricut Design Space in order of which color HTV I was cutting.

Before, I started up the Cricut Explore Air I put my Glitter HTV sparkly side down on the sticky cutting mat, and checked the “mirror for iron-on” check box in Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Explore Air cutting Siser Glitter Gold on "iron on" setting.

Siser HTV can be cut on the “iron on” setting.


Weeding Glitter Gold


Weeding VideoFlex Glitter Gold

When weeding VideoFlex Glitter as opposed to regular Glitter, you’ll notice VideoFlex has a static carrier, which means its smooth and not tacky. Glitter on the other hand has a pressure sensitive or sticky carrier sheet. The pressure sensitive backing is good for words or small cut outs, because if any part of the design lifts while weeding you can simply press them back down. Static backings are great for larger shapes and larger product orders because once you get a corner lifted you can peel and usually get the excess off in once piece! Faster weeding makes quicker production possible!


All of the weeded gold designs

To heat apply this design properly I used a heat transfer pillow and placed it inside the bag.


Use heat transfer pillow to create a flat even surface on the tote bag.

Do you see those little glitter flakes hanging on to the carrier sheet, but not part of the design? Don’t be alarmed, they will not transfer onto the fabric.

Cover the design with a heat transfer cover sheet then press Glitter for 10-15 seconds with firm pressure at 320°. Peel the carrier sheet off when it’s warm.

To apply the paw prints on the back side of the tote, I had to adjust the heat transfer pillow and my temperature. VideoFlex requires a heat of 305° for 10-15 seconds. I placed my bear prints and then pressed them for a few seconds to tack them down. VideoFlex is a cold peel so I waited until the carrier sheet was cool and then peeled. Next, I laid my black gold glitter words over the paw prints. I don’t want lines from the carrier sheets pressed into the paws, so I tacked my glitter words down by pressing them for a few seconds and peeled the carrier when warm. To finish off this design and firmly adhere everything I covered the bag with a heat transfer cover sheet and pressed for a full 10 seconds.

tack collage

Give the gift of gold this mother’s day! Try creating your own mother’s day gifts with Siser gold heat transfer vinyls, and when you do tag them with #SiserNA.

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Five gold colors makes one glamorous Mother’s Day gift she won’t forget!