How to Use the GCC iCraft and “Sure Cuts A Lot” Software to Make a Christmas Onesie

Christmas came early at Siser North America! This week we got to unbox the latest version of the GCC iCraft. This desktop cutter/plotter comes with Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) software and shares some similarities with other craft cutters. One thing that makes our iCraft stand out from the rest is that it’s pink! Previously, all the models were blue, but soon you’ll be able to choose if you’d like a pink iCraft!

Everything you need to know to set up Siser HTV on the GCC iCraft and cut it using Sure Cuts A Lot Software. Includes a sneak peek of the new pink GCC iCraft!

You also have options for what type of file you can import. Select Import from the tool ribbon and choose from your .svg, .pdf, .png, .ai, .eps, .wpc, or .scal files. If you want to use a .jpeg file select Trace on the right of Import.  A window will appear where you can adjust the tracing of your .jpeg image.Importing an .ai file into Sure Cuts A Lot Software

I started my first project by importing my .ai file from Adobe Illustrator. Since I’m cutting this design on HTV the text needs to be mirrored. You can do this in two ways. Left click the object and choose Transform > Flip Horizontal(Mirror) or navigate to the Position & Size editing window on the right and choose Flip.

Mirroring text two different ways in Sure Cuts A Lot

When you’re ready to cut select Cutter on the top ribbon and your Cut Settings window will appear. A feature I enjoyed was being able to choose Cut Selection Only, so I could cut just the tree trunk without having to put the other objects on separate cutting mats in the program. You can be certain the iCraft will only cut your selected object when looking at the mat preview. My mat in SCAL shows each piece of the Christmas tree, but my mat preview in the Cut Settings window only shows the tree trunk that’s selected.

The tree trunk is going to be cut from brown EasyWeed®, so I chose the Heat Transfer preset. This preset uses a .25mm offset with 16cm/s speed and 105 grams of force. Before selecting Cut you can test your settings by choosing Test Cut, but before you can even do that you’ll need to load the heat transfer vinyl into the iCraft.

How To Cut Selection Only and settings for EasyWeed HTV

Place the HTV with the glossy carrier side face down and the duller side face up.

Place EasyWeed™ with the glossy side down and dull side up on cutting mat

Push the mat against the rollers and select the Feed/Eject Button. Now you can change your origin (starting point) if you wish. Use the center arrow button to select Origin Settings then you can move the origin back, forth, and side to side. If you don’t change the origin, the iCraft will simply start cutting from the top left corner.How to load, unload, and set origin on GCC iCraft


When the GCC iCraft is done cutting push the same button you used to load the mat to unload it.

You’ll have to adjust your cut settings when cutting different types of heat transfer vinyl. Cutting Glitter requires an increase in pressure because it’s a thicker material. My cut settings for Glitter are .25mm offset with 16cm/s speed and 135 grams of force.

The GCC iCraft cutting Siser Glitter heat transfer vinyl

Weed away the excess vinyl with your Siser Weeder. While weeding, turn on your iron and let it heat up. I’m using a 100% cotton onesie and the Cotton setting on my iron. Make sure to use no steam and to iron on a hard surface that can withstand the heat. If you’re worried about centering your design, fold the onesie in half and iron the crease to mark the center.

Removing the external EasyWeed™ with the Siser Weeder

Place the HTV with the tacky side of the carrier down and the glossy side up. Cover everything with a heat transfer cover sheet or some scrap fabric, and press firmly for 20 seconds. Peel the carrier sheet. If the material lifts with the carrier sheet, replace it and the cover sheet and iron for another 5-10 seconds. Top it off with a Glitter star and repeat the heat application steps.


How to Apply EasyWeed and Glitter with a home iron

If you have a heat press and want to decorate onesies check out this post.

This Christmas onesie is ready to be worn and the GCC iCraft is just waiting to be wrapped up and given as a gift to your favorite crafter!DIY Iron On Onesie with EasyWeed and Glitter HTV

I can’t wait to test out some of the other features of the GCC iCraft. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on our latest projects!