How to Iron On Rose Gold Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

You’ve been asking for it and it’s finally here in all of it’s rosy glory! And I must say, it’s pretty darn gorgeous ;)

Peeling Rose Gold Glitter from the carrier to reveal it's sparkle

Rose Gold is like any other Siser® Glitter HTV, when it comes to the pressure sensitive backing, deeper cut settings, and brilliant sparkle. Rose Gold may seem pretty now, but wait till you see it in person! Get your hands on some by contacting your authorized distributor. If you’re looking for a distributor please email us at so we can help connect you!

Now, sometimes I love a color and an idea immediately comes to mind, but other times I have no idea but all I know is I want to put it on something everything. So if you’re in the latter boat with Rose Gold Glitter in front of you, let me help jump start your creativity…with a free cut file! Download the rosé all day . jpeg or .svg file here.

Open the file in your software, mirror, and send to cut – it’s that easy!

cutting Rose Gold Glitter HTV on the GCC iCraft

rose all day cut file in Sure Cuts A Lot






After cutting, trim the design from the sheet of vinyl. Next, weed away the inner and outer excess with the weeder. When all that’s left on the carrier is the necessary HTV, flip it over to the sparkly side to admire your handy work.
Glitter heat transfer vinyl ready for heat application

weed away the excess vinyl using the weeder tool









Now the Glitter heat transfer vinyl is ready for heat application! Rose Gold can be applied with a heat press or home iron, but the essential tools are the same for pressing wine totes: a heat transfer cover sheet and a heat transfer pillow. Since this design overlaps the seams of the wine tote, a pillow is necessary for even pressure. Without it, areas of the Glitter wouldn’t get the proper time, temperature, and pressure needed to release from the carrier and stick to the fabric.

supplies for a DIY custom rose gold wine tote

heat transfer pillows absorb seams for even pressure








Once the pillow is inside, place the HTV with the carrier facing up, and cover the area with a heat transfer cover sheet. Press firmly for 10 seconds on each section of the design and peel the carrier warm. Next, place the cover sheet on top and iron for an additional 10 seconds to set the vinyl and your rose gold creation is finished!

The carrier on Glitter is a warm peel how to iron on rose gold glitter heat transfer vinyl






Put a bottle of something bubbly in that bag and you’ve got a party just waiting to pop! Save this post for your next girl’s night out, or maybe craft night in ;)

DIY rose gold glitter wine tote craft in use

Rose Gold is all the rage, now you can add this sparkly color to almost anything with Siser heat transfer vinyl. User your home iron or heat press to make custom decorations, t-shirts, and wine totes. Get the free cut file to get started!



























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