Put your own spin on the Pantone color of the year with Siser Holographic Pearl.

Every year we look to Pantone to give us the hottest color of the year. For the first time ever this year, they announced TWO colors! Rose Quartz and Serenity. This is no simple pink and blue combo. Rose Quartz is a lighter than air blush color juxtaposed against Serenity, a cool blue that looks like how a nap should feel. These colors are no snore though! Yes, together they do provide a calming balance of warm and cool tones, but they come to life in Siser Holographic Pearl.

Since Rose Quartz and Serenity balance each other out, I thought what better design than a yin yang. Yin yangs represent harmony and balance. However, just like Holographic Pearl puts a Siser spin on Pantone’s color of the year, I wanted to put a spin on the yin yang. The lotus flower is an important symbol in the yoga world. It reminds those who practice yoga to stay grounded to the earth, but also aspire for higher enlightenment.

Once I had my design idea in mind I created it in Adobe Illustrator and uploaded the SVG files into Cricut Design Space where I re-sized it.

Lotus flower yin yang design in Cricut Design Space.

The design in Cricut Design Space.

Before cutting though I made sure to select the “Mirror Image (for iron-on) check box.

Holographic Pearl is a unique HTV because it is translucent. While this attribute makes for a cool effect, it’s a little harder to tell which side goes up and which side should go down on the Cricut Mat. The carrier side of the material is smoother, shinier and has a distinct pink sheen. This is the side we want to go face down on the mat.

The material side of Siser Holographic Pearl on a cutting mat.

You know you placed the material on its correct side when you see a distinct blue/green sheen.

Cricut cutting Siser heat transfer vinyl in Holographic Pearl.

The iron on setting is perfect for Siser HTV!

After I cut my design, I began to weed, but working on a light colored table was making the process more difficult than it needed to be. I moved to a black table, my eyes thanked me, and the weeding was finished in a snap.

Weeding Siser Holographic Pearl on a white background.Weeding Siser Holographic Pearl on a black background.

This material is so versatile! Just putting it on top of a different color creates a whole new look for the product.

Louts yin yang on a white background.Lotus yin yang on a black background.

On white, it’s easy to see hues of Pantone’s color of the year, but on black Holographic Pearl looks completely different. I wanted to keep the Rose Quartz and Serenity hues, so I chose to apply the design on this light colored, raglan style garment from Next Level Apparel.

I pre-pressed the garment for three seconds then set up to heat apply the design. This style garment has seams on the shoulders as well as a seam at the bottom band. These seams can cause uneven pressure when heat applying HTV, but no worries, there’s an easy way to work around them. I put a heat transfer pillow between the garment and the lower platen, then placed my design on top of the garment. The pillow raises my design so that the seams don’t interfere with the application. As for the bottom seam, just make sure the garment is threaded far enough onto the heat press so that the bottom seam isn’t on the platen.

HTV on top of garment on top of pillow on heat press.

The bottom seam would be adjusted here before pressing.

Add a heat transfer cover sheet to top it all off and press for 15 seconds at 320°. Wait till the material is cool to the touch, and then peel the carrier off.

Peeling the carrier sheet off the applied design. Color of the year visible.

All Siser Holographic heat transfer vinyls are a cold peel.

 Siser Holographic Pearl in the color of the year finished garment.

The color of the year looks great in Holographic Pearl!

A versatile material creates a versatile garment! This top would be perfect for a yoga class or for an everyday look. Wherever you choose to wear Holographic Pearl you know you’re on trend because you’re rocking Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity!

What have you made with Holographic Pearl? Tag your photos with #SiserNA to show us!