No Light? No Problem. ReflectAll has your athletic apparel covered.

Early morning jogs and evening dashes require some special running gear. Whether you avoid the midday exercise because of high noon heat or find that the beginning and end of the day are the only times you can hit the pavement, one thing is always a priority: safety. In the dark, most drivers won’t see runners until they’ve practically passed them on the road. By the time the driver realizes they should allow more space for the runner they’re a memory in the rear view mirror. Don’t go unnoticed. Make sure motorists see you while you work out by customizing your athletic apparel with ReflectAll.

ReflectAll is thin enough to layer without weighing down your garment. For this design I layered white ReflectAll over black EasyWeed™ Stretch.

I made the Siser Running Club design in Silhouette Studio and then created two separate boards to split between my ReflectAll pieces and my EasyWeed Stretch pieces. Always mirror your image before sending the design to the cutting machine.

Siser Running Club design in Silhouette Studio before cutting

EasyWeed Stretch is cut with the blade exposed at 3, Speed set to 5, and Thickness set to 5.

Siser Running Club design in Silhouette Studio

ReflectAll is cut with the blade exposed at 3, the Speed set at 5, and Thickness at 9.







Before cutting ReflectAll remove the plastic lining on the face of the material. Then place the shiny side of the material face down on the cutting mat. Load the mat into the cutter and send the design to the Silhouette Cameo. EasyWeed Stretch and all other cuttable Siser materials always go carrier side face down into the cutting machine.

Removing the clear liner from ReflectAll heat transfer vinyl material

Removing the liner from the ReflectAll.

A Silhouette Cameo cutting black EasyWeed Stretch heat transfer vinyl

The Silhouette Cameo makes quick work of lightweight EasyWeed Stretch.


When the Silhouette Cameo is finished cutting I can weed away the excess vinyl from the design. Use a Siser Weeder to remove small cavities and lift the corner of the extra material to peel it away from the carrier sheet.

Weeding extra ReflectAll vinyl away from the static carrier sheet. Using a Siser Weeder to remove excess EasyWeed™ Stretch from the Running Club design.










When I have my vinyl completely weeded I can heat apply the design.

The heat press is set to 305°F with a medium pressure at 5. Always pre press your garment for a few seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture in the fabric.

I set up my EasyWeed Stretch pieces, covered them with a heat transfer cover sheet, then pressed for 5 seconds to tack the material down. As soon as it’s done pressing I can peel the carrier sheet hot. Then I layered the ReflectAll over the EasyWeed Stretch, topped it with a heat transfer cover sheet, and pressed for 5 seconds.  ReflectAll is a warm peel so I let the carrier sit for a few seconds before peeling. To finish it all I covered the design with a heat transfer cover sheet again and pressed for 5 final seconds.

The process of heat applying Siser EasyWeed Stretch and Reflect All heat transfer vinyls to an athletic apparel tshirt

ReflectAll paired with this bright pink moisture wicking shirt creates the perfect piece of athletic apparel that will stand out and keep you safe during low light runs.The finished custom decorated athletic apparel top with EasyWeed Stretch on the bottom and ReflectAll on top.


Showing off the reflective qualities of ReflectAll heat transfer vinyl.

ReflectAll is super reflective because of the patented glass bead technology embedded in the material.

What athletic apparel have you customized using Siser heat transfer vinyl? Send pictures to us directly by downloading the Siser App and using the “Email Us” function so we can see your great creations!

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