Rhinestone designs on the cheap? You bet!

Remember the Holodeck in Star Trek? The Holodeck was a room where images and props were produced for simulation training and “relaxation”. It was all a front. The Holodeck was giving the illusion of physical objects and scenarios. Not unlike the Holodeck, Siser® Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl can give you the illusion of having an expensive rhinestone design – but at a fraction of the price and at a fraction of the time it takes to create real rhinestone designs!

Rhinestones have been a popular decorating trend since the arrival of the Bedazzler. The problem is that real rhinestones are A) Expensive and B) If you don’t get lead-free stones, potentially harmful. Siser takes the hard work and expense out of getting the rhinestone look. If you have a vinyl cutter then you have a way to cut beautiful looking faux stone design in minutes!

There are several ways to create rhinestone/faux stone cutting files. You can purchase pre-made rhinestones designs or make your own with a vector graphics package such as CorelDraw. Silhouette Design Space and Brother CanvasWorkspace offer paid upgrades to create rhinestone cut files. For more tips on cutting rhinestone designs, check out this blog post.

Siser Holographic heat transfer vinyl has small color-changing chips embedded in the material that (when cut into small circular or hexagon shapes), gives the look of full-on rhinestone awesomeness! In the image below, you can see how the chips give the look of an actual faceted rhinestone. You can get as detailed as you want with your designs. The Holographic material looks amazing depending on how the light hits it. For detailed information, check out the Holographic page on the Siser NA site.

Princess faux rhinestone design