EasyWeed Electric Silver Lens Gives RoboCop Logo Some Style!

OK, so today’s Throwback Thursday logo isn’t an actual “RoboCop Logo”, it’s the logo for the mega-corp from the 1987 movie, that turned Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) into the superhuman cyborg police officer that is known as RoboCop. Omni Consumer Products (OCP) in the movie, have signed a deal with the city to take control of the Detroit Police force. When Murphy is killed, OCP rebuilds him into a robotic police officer to help clean up the crime-ridden streets.

OCP has a cool logo that is based on concentric octagons. The logo itself is simple to create by starting with a large octagon and gradually reducing the copies moving inward. We could have chosen from a myriad of colors or finishes for this logo… but only one would give the high-tech look that says RoboCop. EasyWeed Electric Silver Lens. Silver and Gold Lens have almost a machine turned look, with a slight pattern that really helps to catch and distribute the light, giving it a distinctive appearance.

RoboCop logo cut in EasyWeed Electric Silver Lens

Cutting EasyWeed Electric Silver lens is as straight forward as any other EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl. Design the logo, output to your cutting software (in our case, it’s Roland CutStudio), cut, weed and apply. EasyWeed Electric Silver Lens is thin so you don’t have a huge bullet proof symbol on your chest, but gives the look of metal.

RoboCop logo cut in EasyWeed Electric Silver Lens

The next time you have a customer with a logo for a metal shop, tool supplier, custom fabrication… or that might be in the cyber/human police office creation game, give EasyWeed Electric Silver or Gold Lens a shot. Your customers will love the look, the feel, and the unique spin their new logo has!