How to Use Siser® Cuttable Clipart with Your Craft Cutter

Not a graphic designer? No worries, Siser® has your back with Cuttable Clipart! Now you can choose from a wide selection of pre-made artwork designed specifically for vinyl cutters. Each Siser Cuttable Clipart Pack includes 100 designs! Currently available in 3 packs: Special Occasions, Holidays, and Sports, each are stored on their own red Siser t-shirt flash drives and are super simple to use! But don’t just take my word for it, let’s open one up right now and see for yourself!

The 3 different packs of Siser® Cuttable Clipart.

Before taking the flash drive out of the packaging, you can take a small peek at the included artwork by opening the hook and loop closure. Please keep in mind that the artwork is commercial use so they can be used on items for sale, however selling the cut files by themselves is prohibited.

Inside look at the Special Ocassions Cuttable Clipart Pack.

Remove the flash drive from the packaging and connect it to a USB port on your computer. When connected, the flash drive will light up and become available on your computer.

Connecting the Siser® red t-shirt shaped flash drive to the computer's USB port.

Double click on the name of the Pack (in this case: Spec Event) and select “One Color” or ‘Multicolor” cut files.

Navigating the Siser® Cuttable Clipart files to multicolor.

Now you can select from 100 unique designs!

Choose from 100 designs in each Siser® Cuttable Clipart pack.

When you’ve chosen your artwork then you can pick which file type is right for your cutter software.

A wide variety of file types are available depending on your cutter's preference.

If you’re a Silhouette Cameo user with the basic Design Studio then .DXF files are for you. However if you have Designer or Business Edition then you can open .SVG files. Scalable Vector Graphics are compatible with most softwares including Cricut Design Space and CanvasWorkSpace. CanvasWorkspace has their own file type called .CWPRJ so if you’re a ScanNCut user, those files will open in your software. If you want to bypass the ScanNCut software, you can open a .FCM file directly on the cutter. Any software that can use print and cut files will benefit from the .PNG’s.

Opening a multicolor split cut file in Silhouette Studio/


Within each file type the cut files are then split into multicolor and one color files. Inside those you’ll find the layers either stacked or split depending on your preference. Pictured above is a split multicolor cut file, so you can cut each individual color. I’m not going to go in depth about cutting in this post because there’s already several guides for the most popular craft cutters on the Siser Blog:

How to Cut Siser Vinyl with the:

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Cricut Explore, Air, Air 2

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Brother ScanNCut CM650W

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After cutting your HTV, it’s time to heat apply! I used the tiny but tough Siser Craft Heat Press to get the job done. But don’t forget you can use Siser Cuttable Clipart for EasyPSV® and EasySubli® too!

Heat applying the clipart design with the Siser® Craft Heat Press.

Want to see the Siser Craft Heat Press in action? Check it out on Instagram Live w/ Lily:

Love Siser Cuttable Clipart? You’ll love it even more when you discover how to turn 100’s of cut files into 1,000’s by splitting them up, modifying, and combining them with other cut files. Keep your eye out for a blog post on this topic coming soon!

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f you love to craft with Siser® vinyl, but hate to create your own cut files, then we have a solution for you! NEW Siser® Cuttable Clipart Packs are now available at Michaels Craft Stores in 3 styles.