Layer EasyWeed for a Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Baby Bodysuit

St. Patrick’s day is coming up, and lucky for you I’m sharing how to make a four leaf clover! Did you know this lucky symbol isn’t actually a shamrock? A shamrock only has 3 leaves and is the symbol of Ireland. However when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day celebrations you’ll find both in the mix.

Just in time for all your St. Patrick's day project- learn how to make a shamrock from basic shapes in Cricut Design Space. Plus tips on layering EasyWeed HTV and applying on onesies!

To create a four leaf clover for your own St. Patty’s crafts start with a heart shape. Next, stretch the heart so it’s skinny and long. To do this in Cricut Design Space you’ll need to unlock the shape, otherwise the heart’s dimensions will stay scaled. Unlock the heart by selecting the lock shape in the bottom left corner of your selected shape or go to the Edit window and click the padlock shape that links Width and Height.

Create four copies of the heart by using Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v or right click the shape to copy and paste. Layer them together to create a clover shape, select all the heart shapes, and select Weld in the Layers panel. The four hearts are now 1 clover shape, and it just needs a stem to be complete! Go to Insert Shapes and select the square to make a long skinny rectangle stem. Then transform the objects into one shape using the Weld tool again.

How to make a shamrock shape in Cricut Design Space

You can use the same steps to create a shamrock. Just use 3 hearts instead of 4! All kinds of St. Patrick’s Day projects are possible with your lucky cut file!

I used the 3 leaf shamrock with a guitar neck in place of the stem to make this cute onesie. Notice how the gold EasyWeed™ seems to have a drop shadow? Creating extra visual interest is simple when you can layer EasyWeed!

DIY Shamrockin' St. Patrick's day onesie

When layering EasyWeed remember:

  • Press each layer for only a few seconds
  • Use a heat transfer cover sheet

Short presses are best so that you don’t overcook your vinyl which can lead to garment strike through. Garment strike through is when you’ve pushed the HTV so deep into the fibers that the color of the garment becomes visible. Plus short presses prevent the garment and HTV from shrinking and ruining your design alignment.

We always recommend using a heat transfer cover sheet for all of your applications, but it’s especially important when layering heat transfer vinyl. The cover sheet provides a barrier between the upper platen of your heat press and the previously applied HTV. Without a cover sheet the HTV will melt to the platen.

Remove the clear carrier mask from EasyWeed while it's hot

Hot peel EasyWeed’s carrier

Heat press EasyWeed HTV at 305°F with medium pressure

Press #1 green apple and orange EasyWeed







To create the drop shadow effect align the top layer directly over the bottom layer. Then move the top layer up and to the left until you see the desired effect.

How to align drop shadow EasyWeed layers

Press #2 gold and green EasyWeed

How to layer EasyWeed properly


If you’re going to decorate a onesie I recommend you read this post for extra tips!

layered EasyWeed HTV baby bodysuit for St. Patrick's day

I hope everyone has a rockin’ St. Patrick’s day filled with custom clover apparel and decorations!