Purchase Through Siser® Authorized Distributors or Resellers to Save Yourself From Fraudulent HTV

At Siser, we are dedicated to maintaining personable relationships in every aspect of our business. From our coworkers to our distributors and resellers and all our wonderful end users. We appreciate your enthusiasm for Siser products and we value your business greatly.

Since 1970 we have demonstrated our commitment to high quality customer service and dependable products. Likewise, we choose to partner with distributors and resellers that share our priorities in order to offer you not only first quality material, but excellent customer service and technical support as well.

Our carefully selected dealers can be identified by either an Authorized Distributor or Authorized Reseller logo on their website that links to their Siser® certificate of authenticity. Due to the ease of fraud the internet provides, an Authorized Distributor or Reseller is only genuine if their logo links to the certificate of authenticity posted on SiserAuthorized.com. These businesses ensure that Siser materials are properly stored and cared for. Additionally, they are educated on Siser products and application guidelines. They are committed to selling you quality, authentic Siser materials. Purchasing through a Siser Authorized Distributor or Authorized Reseller is the only way to guarantee you are receiving genuine Siser products.

The Siser Authorized Distributor and Reseller logo

Look for either logo when you’re shopping to ensure you’re purchasing genuine Siser® material.

Unauthorized businesses, may be able to offer seemingly lower prices, but we cannot guarantee you are receiving authentic Siser materials. Often, the material may look like Siser brand, but in fact might be a substandard product that they stick a Siser label on and therefore, the cutting, weeding, application, or washability of the product is not up to Siser’s standards. These imposter products only cause frustration and confusion. Since we cannot be certain that you receive authentic Siser materials from these unauthorized businesses, we are unable to honor any warranties or offer returns or exchanges for the materials you purchased.

We aim for absolute customer satisfaction and only choose distributors and resellers who can supply the same quality of service. We strongly encourage you to only purchase from Authorized Distributors and Resellers to ensure you are receiving the highest quality authentic Siser heat transfer vinyl and pressure sensitive vinyl. If you have any questions regarding your material, or you want to ensure that you are purchasing from an authorized seller please call us at 866.301.9409 or email us at info@SiserNA.com.


Best Regards,

Team Siser


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Siser® imposters are unfortunately becoming more prevalent. Don't be duped by phony brands with bottom of the barrel prices! It's likely the material isn't quality or Siser. Ensure you're getting guaranteed Siser® brand by purchasing from an Authorized Distributor or Authorized Reseller. Read the full blog post to know how to spot fake Siser® sellers!