How to Use EasyPSV® with Your Craft Cutter

 DIY: Valentine’s Day Ring Dishes

Siser® EasyPSV® is finally here! I’m so excited to bring you all the first blog tutorial for this really fun product, and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do. Before we get into decorating ceramic ring dishes, I want to go over a few need to know facts about EasyPSV.

First off, there are all kinds of awesome colors to choose from with matte finishes in EasyPSV Removable or glossy finishes in EasyPSV Permanent and EasyPSV Permanent Glitter. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, here’s a look at some of the red and pink colors available. Did you know, you can have high quality color swatches at your fingertips when you download the Siser North America App in the App Store or on Google Play?

sheets of reds and pinks in EasyPSV Permanent, Glitter, and Removable

Secondly, let’s keep things simple! The back-printing let’s you know which EasyPSV you’re using. Gray means the vinyl has a permanent adhesive that will hold up for 3-5 years. While mint means the vinyl has a removable adhesive and will hold on for 2-3 years. The longer EasyPSV stays on an object the stronger bond the adhesive forms, so EasyPSV Removable is guaranteed clean removability for 2 years. Note that Glitter EasyPSV does not have a back printing, but it is a permanent adhesive!

Siser brand back printing on EasyPSV Permanent, Glitter, and Removable

Lastly, unlike HTV, EasyPSV is cut on the face of the material. A good cut is deep enough for easy weeding, but shallow enough that you don’t puncture the paper backing.  Our recommended cut settings for each EasyPSV can be found below the list of available colors on each product page on

How to cut EasyPSV by Siser with the Cricut Explore Air

So now that you know the basics of EasyPSV, let’s get started!

How to Layer EasyPSV for Conversation Heart Ring Dishes


Step 1: Design Your Cut File

Conversation hearts are super easy to create in Cricut Design Space! After all, the heart shape is already provided. Click on “Shapes” located on the left side of the screen and drag the bottom right arrow until the heart is your desired size. In this case mine are a little under 2″ inches to fit inside the 3″ ring dish space.

Then use the Arial Rounded MT Bold font to type out your message. I decided to go with some messages centered around self love since we should all feel the love on Valentine’s Day- significant other or otherwise!

How to make conversation heart cut files in Cricut Design Space

Remember to use the “Attach” tool to keep your text aligned and do not mirror the image.

Do not mirror designs when cutting EasyPSV by Siser

Step: 2 Cut and Weed The Design

As I mentioned previously, cut settings can be found on our website. Just keep in mind the age of your blade, along with the condition of your cutting mat, and other accessories can effect your settings. So it’s best to do a small test cut each time you change materials or colors.

Afterwards, use your weeding tool to remove the inside and outside excess.

weeding EasyPSV Permanent by Siser in Tropical Pink Weeding inside cavities of EasyPSV Permanent Glitter in Pink Flirt







Step 3: Measure and Cut EasyPSV Application Tape

Use the grid lines to see exactly how much EasyPSV Application Tape is necessary. This will help you save as much as you can for future projects.

Use EasyPSV Application Tape's grid lines to measure how much is needed

Step 4: Transfer to Application Tape & Transfer to Ring Dish

Before decorating, make sure your application area is clean. The surface may appear lint free, but even the smallest bits can become evident and disrupt the smooth surface of the EasyPSV top layer. A mixture of 2 parts water and 1 part isopropyl alcohol is a good cleaner for non-porous surfaces like these ring dishes. Once clean and dry, decorate away!

Now since this is a two color design, I have two options when it comes to:

How to Layer EasyPSV: Method A

Transfer the bottom layer to EasyPSV Application Tape using a Siser Squeegee. Then apply it to the ring dish with the help of the squeegee to press out any bubbles. Repeat this process with a new piece of tape and the second color.

How to apply EasyPSV with EasyPSV Application Tape and a Siser squeegee

How to Layer EasyPSV: Method B

Transfer the top layer to a piece of EasyPSV Application Tape that’s large enough to cover the second color as well. Place tape and top layer on bottom layer and apply pressure with a squeegee. Now you can peel the two color design away from the backing and apply it to the ring dish in one step.

How to layer multiple colors of EasyPSV Permanent

Your application method depends on your project and your preference, but either way you end up with super cute results! These ring dishes would be a great gift for your girls at a Galentine’s Party, but we won’t say anything if you keep them to yourself ;)

DIY conversation heart ring dish with EasyPSV Permanent and Permanent Glitter

EasyPSV Permanent Glitter in Pink Flirt creates a tone on tone effect when layered on top of EasyPSV Permanent in Tropical Pink.

DIY conversation heart ring dish with EasyPSV Permanent Ketchup and Coral Reef

EasyPSV Permanent Coral Reef pops on top of EasyPSV Permanent Ketchup!










Ready to try EasyPSV out for yourself? Email us at to find an authorized distributor near you!


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