The Siser EasyWeed Application Video Hits 10,000 Views!

Wow! Siser EasyWeed is one popular product! It’s not surprising since it’s the easiest heat transfer vinyl material to use on the market! No matter how easy it is though, people still want to see the product in action before switching from a competitor material or before committing to a purchase. That’s where the Siser Marketing Department comes in. Siser has been producing product application videos in one form or another for several years now. It wasn’t until we started with our new format of high-energy videos did we start to see an increase in video views. We work hard on creating fun, informative videos and it looks like it’s finally paying off! We uploaded our How to Apply Siser EasyWeed video about 8 months ago and today we finally hit 10,000 views on Youtube! It’s nice to know that what we spend our time on is helpful to those in the heat printing industry. We love all of our fans, followers and subscribers! We’re dedicated to bringing fresh new content to you and it’s great to see that more and more people are interested in how to use these products.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Siser video team consists of only 2 people? Keith Allison and Joe Piazza are the guys in front of, and behind, the cameras. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of heat application videos and taking them to a different level than what you’re used to seeing. We’re also glad to know that we’re helping in some small way to push our distributors to produce better and more informative videos as well.

In life there are no guarantees, but we guarantee that as long as we’re able, we’ll keep bringing you the great content you deserve and we’ll keep you entertained along the way!

Thanks for helping us get to 10,000 views on our Siser EasyWeed video!