Personalize Blankets for Soccer Moms with Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

Custom blankets show your team spirit and your parent pride for your athlete. Make your blanket one of a kind with over 15 material types and finishes and over 40 colors (in EasyWeed alone!)

When choosing your blanket, select one with a tight weave fabric that will have low pilling. The heat transfer vinyl will adhere better to a close knit fabric and last longer through the many games and washes. I went with a Gildan Dryblend® 50/50 fleece stadium blanket. Now that i have a great 50% cotton 50% polyester canvas let’s add some team spirit!

One of my memories of playing soccer as a kid includes the whistling wind that hurtled across the flat fields even on the sunniest of days. So I made this blanket in mind of the chilly soccer mom on the sidelines.

Soccer Mom text in Silhouette Studio

For “Soccer” I used the font Brannboll and for “Mom” I used Athletic. Before cutting I made sure to mirror my image and position my material on the cutting mat with the glossy side down. If you have a Silhouette Cameo you’re given two options when loading the machine, “Load Cut Mat” and “Load Media.” “Load Media” is used if you’re cutting vinyl without the mat. Many people choose to cut their HTV without the mat, but I personally prefer to use the mat as it seems to make it more stable. Either way make sure the material is centered between the white pinch rollers to keep the material from coming off track. “Soccer Mom” was cut out of Royal Blue StripFlock with the Blade exposed at 3, Speed at 5, and Thickness at 8.

Next, is the black and white EasyWeed soccer ball heart. Cut Settings for EasyWeed on the Silhouette Cameo are: Blade=2, Speed=8, Thickness=5.

Soccer ball heart hexagons in Silhouette StudioWhite soccer ball heart in Silhouette Studio







Finally, a little Glitter! Just because you’re a soccer mom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sparkle on the sidelines!

Glitter #17 in Silhouette Studio

Glitter Cut Setting for Silhouette Cameo: Blade=3, Speed =5, Thickness=9.

The Siser Weeder makes it simply to remove large and small pieces of HTV.

Weeding a black EasyWeed soccer ball

When all of yoHeat pressing StripFlock Soccer Mom textur transfers are weeded and your heat press or home iron is heated up to 320° F set up your first vinyl layer. If you’re using a home iron make sure your steam setting is off and set your dial to “Polyester.” It’s always a good idea to start with a low temperature and slowly move up if the vinyl isn’t staying down. Additionally, a small test on an inconspicuous area will save you lots of frustration and wasted materials. In this case I applied the “Soccer Mom” StripFlock text first. Pre-press the blanket to remove any wrinkles and moisture, then press the StripFlock for 15 seconds with medium pressure. I’m using a heat transfer cover sheet for each press, but a large scrap of cotton fabric or a pillow case will work in a pinch. Wait until StripFlock’s carrier sheet is cool before peeling it off.

Next, move the blanket so there’s space below the text for the soccer ball. Lower the heat press temperature to 305°F and tack the white heart for 1 second and peel the carrier sheet. Position the black hexagons over the heart and repeat the 1 second tack.

The Glitter number is last. Position it in the center of the heart and tack it for 1 second. Wait a few seconds before peeling the carrier sheet off the Glitter. Tacking the Glitter keeps the outline of the carrier sheet from permanently pressing into the EasyWeed soccer ball. Lastly, cover the entire design with a heat transfer cover sheet and press for a final 10 seconds to fully cure the materials.

I’m not a soccer mom yet, but I can’t deny the coziness of this blanket!

Custom heat transfer vinyl soccer mom blanket

This design can easily be adapted for any outdoor sport in any team colors. To see if we have your team colors check out our app! It has high quality photos and application settings for all Siser materials. Download the Siser App on iTunes. Download the Siser App on Google Play.

 How to make your own custom sports blankets. Siser heat transfer vinyl turns a plain blanket into a statement! This easy project can be accomplished with HTV and a home iron or heat press. A great gift for sports parents or team coaches.