SparklePrint™ - Digital Media (Gloss)

Print and Cut Full-Color Designs That Sparkle!

If you like the look and feel of Sparkle™ Heat Transfer Vinyl then you’re going to love full-color images on SparklePrint™! This white film is embedded with silver specks of glitter that are encapsulated to create a smooth surface without any rough texture, so your prints are always soft and sparkly. The bright and shiny finish makes images pop with a pearly glow. Your designs and logos will look better than ever when printed on SparklePrint Digital Media!

SparklePrint is approximately 190 microns/7.48 Mils, and is a PU composition

Not compatible with Inkjet, toner, or sublimation printers.


SparklePrint applies to:

100% Cotton 100% Polyester POly/Cotton Blends
100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends

Application Instructions

• Print, cut ,and weed your design.
• Mask with TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask
• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
• Cover design with Heat Transfer Cover Sheet
• Apply design at 311°F / 155°C with medium/firm pressure for 15 seconds
• Peel carrier hot

Click here for a printable version of all digital media application instructions

Recommended Accessories: Siser Weeder, Siser Squeegee, TTD High Tack Mask or TTD Easy Mask, Multipurpose Paper or Heat Transfer Cover Sheet

Care Instructions: Wait 24 hours before first wash. Machine wash cold. Dry on low dryer setting.
Do not dry clean or bleach. Liquid fabric softener not recommended.